UK Visa Photo Necessities

United Kingdom

When you apply for a UK visa or additional residence permit, you have to submit one or few printed or digital photos of yourself, together with other necessary UK visa obligatory documents. These photographs should come across the conditions of the UK visa and immigration, or your appeal will generally get late.

UK Visa Photograph Necessities

Your UK visa photograph should be:

  • Taken inside one month.
  • The portrayal that is in contrast to the background.
  • Display from head to upper shoulders.
  • Must not be blurred, wrinkled or marked.
  • With a bright basic cream or light grey contextual.
  • Should not comprise any writing on the front or behind, except needed.
  • Not holding watermarks or wrinkles.
  • Printed in a high-class white medium or low gloss or matt photo paper and color.
  • Both eyes must be open and observable. Covering eyes with spectacles or hair is not allowed.
  • Straight looking at the camera focus.
  • The face must be completely visible. Covering the face is not allowed, either with hair.
  • Head should be open. Excluding when it is for medical or religious issues.
  • Possession of an unbiased facial expression. No smile, no crinkling.
  • The mouth must be closed.
  • Putting face ahead.
  • Your face must be shown in unvarying brightness. Shades on the face or behind it are not permitted.
  • Photo with no reflection or glass shine.
  • No “Red-eye effect”.
  • One portrayal at a time. Two persons or other substances in one photograph are not permitted.

UK Visa Photo Examples

UK Visa Photo Examples

UK Visa Photo Don'ts

There are common faults everybody may do when getting snapped for UK visa photograph, such as:

  • Inflated make up that covers your usual appearance.
  • Wearing sunglasses or colored glasses. Keeping spectacles for medicinal motives is permitted, except the photo shows a flash reflection.
  • Watching somewhere else, regardless of the camera focus.
  • Displaying teeth.
  • Laughing or chuckling.
  • Wearing a headgear.
  • Wearing a top of a similar color as the photo background.
  • Outfitted with dresses, except they are for religious purposes.
  • Robed by scarves, or other headdresses that cover your hairline. Excluding religious headgears.

UK Visa Photograph Necessities for Children

When a baby or a kid is getting snapped for a UK visa photograph, these are the necessities:

  • Children of age six and older must have a straight look at the camera focus.
  • Children of age six and older must not be laughing, crying or giggling.
  • They should not be held throughout the photography session.
  • The hand of an individual supporting their head must not be visible in the picture.
  • They must have both eyes open, excluding for children under the age of one.
  • They must not be holding toys or any other objects.

Important Note: The claimant should submit two similar photographs, disconnected from each other and should not be affixed to the appeal form.

UK Visa Digital Photograph Necessities

There are situations when you will be needed to submit digital as an alternative to printed UK visa photos. In such a case, you have to upload in the online arrangement as a file of the picture. The digital photo you give when applying for a UK visa or residence permit should have extra features. This contains:

  • Sizes: at least (600 x 750) pixels wide and tall.
  • Photograph file size: 50KB to 10 MB.
  • The photo file format should be either JPG or JPEG.

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