Who Requires a Visa to Enter in Germany?


Germany is amongst the world’s top visited nations. The number of those concerned to visit the nation, either for a pleasure trip, business, or other determinations is on the peak. With its high-quality educational facilities, outstanding employment prospects, rich cultural tradition and much more, Germany has attracted many from all unities the world. But the Federal Republic of Germany has strict rules when it comes to outsiders entering its region. Dependent on various issues, as their citizenship, a drive of entrance and extent of the stay, travelers, may require or not require a visa.

Who Requires a German Airport Transit Visa?

Citizens of some countries, who require to land at one of the German airports in demand to take connecting or another flight to their non-Schengen destination, should own an Airport transit visa. These nations are as follows:



The Democratic Republic of the Congo









Sri Lanka





South Sudan





Yet, there are some groups of residents from these nations, who are exempted from getting this visa. Remember that if you require to stop at additional than only one airport within the Schengen zone, you will then need to appeal for a regular Schengen permit. However, if your destination nation is one of the Schengen states, to which you own a short-stay visa, you will not require an airport visa to transit through an airport in Germany.

Who Needs a German Short-Stay Visa

A German short-stay visa allows the visa bearer to arrive and stay in Germany for up to 90 days within six months. It also lets the visitor visit the rest of the Schengen nations within this period, excluding in cases when the visa has Limited Territorial Validity (LTV). Several countries are exempted from the German visa obligation, permitting their citizens to enter Germany and stay within the allowed period easily.

Who Requires a German National Visa

Only the citizens of a few nations are exempted from the obligation for a long-stay visa to Germany. These permits, also known as the Germany National Visas, allows its holder to remain in Germany for periods lengthier than six months and generally can be extended for extended periods. Citizens of the ensuing nations are exempted from the Germany long-stay visa obligation:

  • EU/EEA/EFTA nations
  • Australia
  • Israel
  • Japan
  • Canada
  • New Zealand
  • Republic of South Korea
  • the United States of America

Citizens of the rest of the nations will require to appeal for and get a long-stay visa before travelling to Germany.

Important Note: All those who require to appeal for a German visa, should present evidence of obtained health insurance plan for their whole stay in Germany.

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