Letter of Commitment for Germany Visa Verpflichtungserklärungen


A Letter of Commitment is a document needed for a Germany visa. It presents that a resident in Germany is prepared to host another individual coming to Germany and bear their expenditures throughout their stay in Germany. The document may also be stated as:

  • Declaration of Commitment
  • Letter of Support
  • Confirmation of Support

In German, this document is known as “Verpflichtungserklärungen”. A Letter of Commitment is evidence that the candidate’s means of survival are available for their period of stay in Germany. By signing this document, the sponsor initiates to cover for the guest the following:

  • Their housing
  • Their food costs
  • To reimbursement of any public properties if the guess by chance requires and uses social aid
  • The charges of removal processes, in case the guest is sent back to their nation

Who Can Get a Declaration of Commitment?

Each individual lawfully exists in Germany can obtain a Declaration of Commitment, even foreigners on a provisional German residence visa. Remember that the individuals who have no earning, or low income, cannot obtain a Declaration of Commitment.

Categories of Declaration of Commitment

As per to the visa category that the visitor is appealing for, there are two kinds of German Declaration of Commitment.

  • Letter of Commitment for a German Short-stay Permit: It is for visitors who aim to remain in Germany for a highest period of 90 days inside six months. Remember that a Letter of Commitment for a German long-stay visa can be achieved only for those who plan to travel to Germany for the following:
    • To appear in a language course or school
    • To study or for professional training
    • To get wedded in the Federal Republic of Germany to a German citizen or EU national
    • For searching job
  • Letter of Commitment for a German Long-stay Permit: It is for visitors who plan to stay in Germany for extra than three months.

How to Obtain a German Declaration of Commitment

A Declaration of Commitment can be downloaded from the website of the German immigration management. First, it must then be accomplished by the host by providing all the essential data and signed. Second, the host must submit the letter at the applicable German authorities in their town of residence. He or she must also submit different documents along with this letter. Finally, German management will administer the application for a Declaration of Commitment. This generally takes a couple of minutes. The host will then get the letter stamped and signed. He or she must then send the original letter to the applicant, who requires it for visa appeal.

Required Documents

When appealing to obtain a Declaration of Commitment, the host must submit the following documents at the German Immigration Office close to their home:

  • The finalized and signed form for a Letter of Commitment
  • Their valid passport
  • A valid residence status, if the host is a non-EU national
  • Personal data on the guest, as their:
    • Name
    • Date of birth & place
    • Citizenship
    • Their residence’s address in their home nation
    • Photocopy of their legal passport
  • Evidence of having sufficient fund to support the visitor during his or her stay in Germany.
    • For employed workers, salary statements for the last three months
    • For freelance and self-employed, existing tax certificate, tax consultant’s statement of your net profit after tax covering the last three months
  • Evidence of the relationship with the visitor
  • Home registering certificate

Fees for the German Declaration of Commitment

A charge for per a letter of commitment, for both long-stay and short-stay visitors, is €29.

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