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The Malaysian Immigration Bureau provides the Malaysia Special Pass to overseas citizens who have not renewed their existing employment or student pass or not left Malaysia after it ended, if it is for a cause, they suppose tolerable. In the earlier, the Malaysia Special Pass was delivered for two motives:

  • Making Arrangement to Leave the Country
  • Pending Approval of an Employment/Student Pass.

But, as of 2016, the Department of Immigration ceased permitting expats to convert or extend their Pass while they are in Malaysia over a Special Pass. So, the Malaysia Special Pass is delivered for 30 days, after that you should leave the state.

Who Need to Apply for a Malaysia Special Pass

There is puzzling and frequently contradicting info online about the instances when a Malaysia Special Pass can be allotted. Yet, as of rules which came into result in 2016, it seems that you can only apply for a Malaysia Special Pass if for some purpose you cannot leave the nation by the date that is specified on your existing Pass (Tourist Pass, Working Pass, and Student Pass etc.). This signifies you cannot get extended Malaysia Special Pass if you have not submitted an appeal for a Pass renewal in an appropriate way or you desire to alter your Student Pass to an Employment Pass. As such, the government of Malaysian will only provide a Special Pass which specifies that you are now in the middle of “Making Arrangement to Leave the Country”. If you wish to apply for a fresh Pass but have a short time on your existing Pass, you may have to depart from the state and reapply. It would be best if you communicate with the Immigration Bureau of Malaysia to know whether you are qualified for a Special Pass.

Necessities for a Malaysia Special Pass

When you are applying for a Malaysia Special Pass, you will be needed to have numerous supportive documents, such as:

  • Your original and valid passport
  • Copies of all the sheets on your passport
    • You might also be needed to submit photocopies of previous passports (if applicable)
  • A photocopy of your existing Pass
  • For dependents:
    • Copy of the primary Pass owner’s passport details sheet and their current immigration Pass
    • Marriage credential (for husband/wife)
    • Document of birth record (for dependent child)
    • Birth credential of primary Pass owner (for the dependent parent)
  • Booked flight itinerary in the next 30 days
  • A letter (must be typed) clarifying the cause for demanding a Special Pass.

Birth and marriage documentations have to be interpreted in English (if they are not by now) and recommended as Certified True Copy (CTC) by your nation’s Embassy in Malaysia.

How to apply

It is the Immigration Bureau of Malaysia who is in the responsibility of dealing out Malaysian Special Passes. You should be present in front of them before your Pass has ended and you require to extend it and appeal to apply for a Malaysia Special Pass. You should apply a minimum of 7 days earlier your current Pass ends. If you are an international student, your school can organize the appeal for Special Pass on your behalf. Still, all the costs associated with the Special Pass have to be compensated by you. Likewise, if you are an international worker, speak to your company to query who should apply for the Special Pass. In many situations, the company gets a Special Pass on behalf of the staff.

What Occurs if You Overstay in Malaysia

If you remain in Malaysia after the date of your Pass’s validity end, you will have overstayed. Extending illegally in Malaysia is measured a disciplinary offence, and it is issue to imprisonment as well as a penalty. The Immigration Department of Malaysia dispenses the fine.

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