Malaysian eVisa and eNTRI Program



Since 2017, nationals of particular nations have been able to apply for a Malaysia visa online. Malaysia presently has two online visa appeal arrangements:

  • Electronic Visa (Malaysia eVisa)
  • Electronic Travel Registration and Information (Malaysia eNTRI visa).

The Malaysia Online Visa enables the appeal procedure simple since you can evade all the waiting in lines and apply from your home. Still, online Malaysian visa appeal is not offered to everybody.

What Kinds of Malaysian Visas are Suitable for Online Appeal

You can only appeal for a Malaysian visa online if you are travelling for holiday determinations. For any other drives, such as for business, you will have to apply in person at the closest Malaysian Embassy or via an approved Visa Appeal Center.

Who is Qualified for a Malaysia eVisa

Only nationals of the following nations are qualified to apply for a Malaysian eVisa:

  • China
  • India
  • Sri Lanka
  • Nepal
  • Myanmar
  • Bangladesh
  • Pakistan
  • Bhutan
  • Serbia
  • Montenegro

Furthermore, you can apply for an eVisa from anyplace in the world (excluding Singapore and Malaysia), so you can appeal for the Malaysian eVisa even if you are not presently residing in your nation of citizenship.

Documents Required to Collect a Malaysia e-Visa

As the appeal is completed online, you will require to have availability to a scanner so you can scan the essential papers and upload them. The documents you will require when appealing for a Malaysian eVisa are:

  • A passport-size photo of yourself, which meets the Malaysia photograph necessities.
  • A scanned copy of your valid passport’s front page.
  • A confirmed reservation of your return itinerary.
  • Evidence of accommodation in Malaysia, such as a hotel booking.
  • A birth credential, for a minor visa claimant.

There may be extra documents based on your nation.

How to Apply for eVisa

To get a Malaysian eVisa, you will require to go via these stages:

Acquire the online visa facility: You should apply for the Malaysian eVisa by opening the online visa application facility at minimum two weeks before your planned time of travel. When you access the web portal, you have to click on the “I’m New” sign, and will be forwarded to the Registration page.

Submit your info: When you are on the Registration page, provide the mandatory info, such as your name, citizenship, email address, contact number and gender.

Finalize your data: When you register, you will obtain a link on your email, which you should click to finalize your registration.

Provide the required documents: At that time, you can log in into your Account to finish your eVisa appeal and conform the binding documents through the Returning User selection.

Hold for eVisa processing: After you have finished your appeal, your Malaysia eVisa will be administered within 48 hours, stating that they fall on working days, not weekends or public holidays.

Moreover, if there are any difficulties on the online appeal arrangement, such as crashes or maintenance issue, the processing time for the Malaysia eVisa may be detained.

How Many Malaysia eVisa Appeals can be Submitted with One Account

If you are applying for your children/additional dependents, you can only submit up to five appeals at any one time. If you require to apply for extra, then you can do so only after one of the earlier visa requests have been managed.

Getting the Malaysia eVisa

If your Malaysian eVisa is permitted, you will obtain it via email. Then, you can print it on an A4 page and carry it with you when you visit Malaysia. The Immigration Officials will also admit the digital form of the visa (such as on your mobile or laptop) when you reach the Malaysian port of entrance. But it is still wise to have a printed version as well.

Who is Qualified for a Malaysia eNTRI Visa

eNTRI, which stances for Electronic Travel Registration and Information, is an online registering option accessible only to citizens of China and India. The eNTRI Malaysia performs under the Visa Waiver Program, making it uncomplicated for passport owners of those two nations to enter Malaysia. Please remember that solitary mainland Chinese citizens are qualified for the Malaysia eNTRI except for residents of Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. Moreover, you can apply for the eNTRI from anyplace in the world (excluding Singapore and Malaysia), so you are qualified even if you are an expatriate.

How to Apply for eNTRI

To obtain an eNTRI visa for Malaysia, you should follow these steps:

Acquire the online visa facility: You can submit a Malaysia eNTRI visa appeal via

Generate your Account: You have to make an account by checking on the “I’m New” selection and filling in your info when you are forwarded to the registration page.

Print the eNTRI Note: Later you register, you should print the eNTRI Note which obliges like a visa, permitting you to visit Malaysia.

Though, distinct with the Malaysian eVisa, you cannot apply for an eNTRI at any time you desire. You should wait a minimum three months from the previous time you arrived in Malaysia with an eNTRI before you can apply for one more.

How to Enter in Malaysia if Someone Has an eNTRI Visa

If you are a Malaysia eNTRI visa owner, you can arrive by one of the ensuing entrance points:

If travelling by a flight:

  • Kota Kinabalu International Airport, Sabah
  • Kuala Lumpur International Airport, Sepang (KLIA and KLIA 2)
  • Kuching International Airport, Sarawak
  • Labuan International Airport, Sabah
  • Langkawi International Airport, Kedah
  • Melaka International Airport, Melaka
  • Miri International Airport, Sarawak
  • Penang International Airport, Pulau Pinang
  • Senai International Airport, Johor

If travelling by land:

  • Bukit Kayu Hitam Checkpoint, Kedah
  • Padang Besar Checkpoint, Perlis
  • Sultan Abu Bakar Checkpoint, Johor
  • Sultan Iskandar Building Immigration Checkpoint, Johor
  • Sungai Tujuh Immigration Checkpoint, Sarawak
  • Tedungan Immigration Checkpoint, Sarawak

After You Reach in Malaysia

When you reach in Malaysia, you should go over border control at the point of entrance, where you should show the resulting documents to the Immigration Officials:

  • Printed eVisa/eNTRI.
  • Your boarding passes.
  • Your legal passport.
  • Evidence of accommodation, for example, a hotel reservation.
  • Booked return flight itinerary.
  • Adequate funds to cover your stay during your visit to Malaysia

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