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Obtaining Permanent Residency in Malaysia is feasible via the Malaysian Entrance Permit. The Malaysian government provides an Entrance Permit (Malaysia PR) to specific groups of overseas citizens. If you get Malaysia permanent residency, you will receive an Entrance Permit and Identification Card (MyPR).

Who is Qualified

The ensuing groups are qualified for an Entrance Permit (Malaysia PR):

Investors: If you are a person with a high net worth, you might be able to obtain Malaysia PR by depositing at least USD two million in a Malaysian financial institute or bank. You are not allowed to withdraw the money for a minimum of five years. Furthermore, your spouse and minor children also become qualified for Malaysia permanent residency after five years.

Professionals: If you are a highly-capable professional, you may be qualified for Malaysia PR if you also accomplish the following necessities:

  • You have worked for a minimum of three years in a Malaysian Government Agency or Private Company.
  • You are endorsed by an official Malaysian agency associated with your field.
  • You got a Certificate of Good Conduct from your home nation.

Specialists: If you are a person with skills and capacities known as “World Class” by any Global organization, you are qualified to apply for Malaysia permanent residence, if you also:

  • Obtain an endorsement by an official Malaysian agency associated with your field.
  • Get a Certificate of Good Conduct from your home nation.

The spouse of a Malaysian national: If you are wedded to a Malaysian national, you may be entitled to Malaysian permanent residence if you have been residing in Malaysia with a Long-Term Social Visit Pass for a perid of five years.

Over a point-based system: Malaysia also provides foreign citizens with an alternative way to permanent residency if they do not meet the requirements for any of the groups described above. Suppose you have been staying in Malaysia with a Malaysian work permit for numerous years and meet particular other settings to succeed. The Malaysia point-based system to Malaysian PR enhances up your points via how high you score on the following sorts:

  • How old are you
  • Your experiences
  • The period of your stay in Malaysia
  • How acquainted you are with the Malaysia Organization
  • The price of your investments
  • Your work knowledge in Malaysia
  • Your ability in Bahasa Malaysia

You should score a minimum of 65 points out of 120 overalls to be able to apply.

Necessities for Malaysia PR

When you choose to submit an application for Malaysian permanent residency, you should approach the Immigration Department of Malaysia in Putrajaya and notify them. They will provide you with all the needed forms and a document list, which you should gather. After you have gotten all the needed documents on the listing, you should submit them at the Immigration Department. The papers required are subject to change reliant on your specific condition, but contain:

  • Appeal form (Form IMM.4)
  • Two recent passport-size photos of you
  • Two recent passport-size photographs of your guarantor
  • A personalized cover letter
  • Endorsement by the Appropriate Agency in Malaysia (for Skilled and Professional groups.
  • A Wedding Declaration Letter (Surat Akuan Perkahwinan), for spouses of Malaysian nationals
  • Copies of Employment Pass (if appropriate)
  • Copies of wedding certificate (if appropriate)
  • Copies of birth credentials for your children (if appropriate)
  • Photocopy of all sheets of your valid passport
  • Any supplementary documents that support your claim, such as evidence of funds etc.

Furthermore, it would help if you also had a guarantor in Malaysia. The guarantor can be any Malaysian national over the age of 21. When you apply for the Entrance Permit, both you and the sponsor have to be present.

How to Apply

You should submit your Permanent Residence appeal (Entrance Permit) at the Immigration Department of Malaysia in Putrajaya. You should submit the petition yourself while you are in Malaysia, not by currier or online. Later you provide your appeal, and you will also have to appear an Interview with the Malaysian Immigration Department as well as be subject to a background check by the police.

Where to Get Endorsement for Malaysia Entrance Permit

If you aim to apply for Malaysia PR under the Professional or Skilled groups, you should obtain an endorsement by one of the following agencies associated with your area of proficiency:

  • For the area of Health and Medicine: Ministry of Health
  • For the area of Industries, Services and Manufacturing: Ministry of International Trade and Industries (MITI) or the Malaysian Industrial Development Authority (MIDA)
  • For the area of Agriculture: Ministry of Agriculture and Agro-Based Industry
  • For the area of transportation (air, land, maritime): Ministry of Transportation
  • For the area of higher learning: Ministry of Higher Learning
  • For the area of science, technology and ICT: Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation
  • For the area of sports: Ministry of Youth and Sports or Malaysian Sports Council
  • For the area of banking and finance: Central Bank
  • For the area of investment and capital: Security Commission
  • For the area of information, communication, culture and arts: Ministry Of Information, Communication and Culture

Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) Pass

One more kind of Malaysia residence permit is the Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) package, which provides residence and free travel to the owner and their family associates for a maximum of ten years. You are qualified for the MM2H package if you can verify you have sufficient self-regulating financial means to cover your stay.

If your time of life is below 50 years, you must have:

  • Access to a minimum of USD 135,000 of liquid assets
  • A minimum of USD 10,000 for each month from a non-Malaysian source

If you are over 50-year-old, you should have:

  • Access to a minimum of USD 95,000 of liquid assets
  • A minimum of USD 3,000 for every month from a pension/other income
  • You should also open a Malaysian bank account and deposit a minimum of USD 40,000. Afterwards one year, you can draw USD 13,000 for use in Malaysia but should keep USD 27,000 on the account at all times.

Advantages of Malaysian Permanent Residence

Permanent Residence in Malaysia does not provide you with all the advantages of Malaysian nationals, like voting or getting involved in political and governmental matters. However, there are still essential advantages, such as:

  • You can work and alter employment and companies without having to apply for an Employment Permit.
  • You can begin your own business.
  • You can purchase a property.
  • You can travel to Malaysia without restrictions, without a visa.
  • You do not need to recommence your permit after a few years.

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