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Malaysia has exact necessities when it arises to who they permit to come in the nation, and for how lengthy. Some overseas citizens can visit Malaysia for a short-term duration without having to get a visa. In contrast, others are needed to apply for a Malaysia tourist visa prior they can travel there. Moreover, a Malaysia tourist visa is not all the authorization you require to enter the nation essentially. You will also need a Short-Term Social Visit Permit, which an Immigration Official will provide you at the Malaysian point of entrance.

Malaysia Tourist Visa

A Malaysia tourist visa is:

  • A Single Entrance Visa, which signifies you can only use it to enter the nation once. Multiple Entrance visas, which have a lengthier legitimacy, are not generally allotted for tourism determinations.
  • A Visa Without Reference, which identifies you do not require to obtain approval from the Immigration Department of Malaysia to receive it. It is the Malaysian Representative such as Embassy in which you apply who issues it.
  • A pre-entrance condition into the nation, which signifies it only permits you to travel to Malaysia. It does not promise that you will enter Malaysia.

The choice on whether or not you can enter Malaysia is up to an Immigration Official at the point of the entrance where you arrive. Immigration Officials choose on whether an overseas citizen is suitable to enter Malaysia, nevertheless of whether they require a visa and their determination of travel.

Who Requires a Malaysia Tourist Visa

You only require to apply for a Malaysian tourist visa if you are from one of the following nations:





Burkina Faso



The central African Republic




Congo Democratic Republic

Congo Republic

Côte D’Ivoire


Equatorial Guinea





Hong Kong













Sri Lanka

United Nations (Laissez Passer

Western Sahara


Citizens of other nations do not have to apply for a visa if they are only visiting Malaysia for a short duration of time and tourism determinations. Some countries can stay in Malaysia without permission for lengthier than others.

How to Apply

Reliant on your citizenship, there are two conducts via which you can apply for a Malaysian tourist visa:

  • In-person, at a Malaysian Representative Embassy or an authorized Visa Appeal Center.
  • Online, for citizens of particular nations.

Applying for a Malaysia tourist visa in-person:

To apply for a Malaysian tourist visa, you must follow these stages:

Know where to apply: To apply in person, you should first find the closest Malaysian Embassy to you or a Visa Appeal Center which can submit the visa appeal on your behalf.

Download the Malaysian tourist visa appeal form: Following, download the Malaysian Visa appeal form from the web portal of the Immigration Department of Malaysia. You should complete it online (you require access to a computer and an Adobe Reader or equal) and print two copies, which you should be signed.

Gather the necessary documents: Every Malaysian Embassy has diverse necessities concerning the documents you should submit. Though, the required documents for a Malaysian tourist visa are the resulting:

  • Two copies of the finalized Malaysia Visa Appeal Form.
  • Your valid passport, which is legal for a minimum another six months from the date you determined to come to Malaysia.
  • Two passport-size photos of yourself which meet the Malaysia photo necessities. Ensure to follow the photo guidelines as per their obligations because even an incorrect photo format could be a reason for your visa rejection.
  • A complete flight ticket, which contains a return flight itinerary.
  • Evidence of accommodation in Malaysia, such as a hotel reservation.
  • A Letter of invitation from your guarantor in Malaysia (if applicable). If you are staying with them, they should ensure that in the letter of invitation and this will consider as evidence of accommodation.
  • A No Objection Letter (NOC) from your company or educational institute.
  • Evidence of adequate funds to cover your stay.
  • Evidence of compensated Malaysian visa charge. Some Embassies ask the fee to be paid in cash, while others will only receive payments via a bank transaction.
  • Yellow Fever Vaccination Documentation if you are from a nation which is in the threat of Yellow Fever spread or recently transited there for lengthier than twelve hours.

Submit the visa appeal to the Embassy: After assembling the essential documents, you must submit them, along with the visa appeal form, to the Malaysian Consulate. You will also have to give them your passport since if your appeal is permitted, the visa officials will attach your visa to it.

Hold for processing: The Malaysian tourist visa managing time rests on the particular Embassy. It generally takes about a week. If your appeal is permitted, you should receive your passport with the visa on it, which permits you to arrive to Malaysia.

Applying for a Malaysia tourist visa online:

You can apply for a Malaysia tourist visa online only if you are from one of the resulting nations:

  • China
  • India
  • Sri Lanka
  • Nepal
  • Myanmar
  • Bangladesh
  • Pakistan
  • Bhutan
  • Serbia
  • Montenegro

Malaysia has two online visa request services which let citizens from the nations above to obtain their Malaysia visa quicker:

  • Malaysian eVisa (Electronic Visa), which is legal for three months and permits the owner to visit in Malaysia for a highest of thirty days.
  • Malaysian eNTRI (Electronic Travel Registration and Information), is only obtainable for Chinese and Indian citizens. An eNRTI permits the bearer to stay in Malaysia for up to fifteen days.

If you are qualified to apply for a Malaysia tourist visa online, you will obtain a printable permit, which you should show to the Immigration Officials upon arrival to the Malaysian point of entrance.

After Reaching at the Malaysian Port of Entry

Later you reach in Malaysia, and you should pass through border control, where the Immigration Officials choose whether to allow your entrance. You should present to them the following documents:

  • Your valid passport and visa.
  • Your return flight itinerary.
  • Evidence you have enough funds.
  • Your finalized Arrival/Leaving Card, which you can be obtained after arriving at the port of entry.
  • Evidence of accommodation, for example, hotel booking.
  • Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificate (if appropriate)
  • A Letter of invitation from sponsor (if appropriate).

If you are permitted to enter, you will obtain a Short-Term Social Visit Pass. Every overseas citizen who comes in Malaysia should have a Pass. You should not overstay your Pass under any situations.

Malaysia Tourist Visa Validity

A Malaysian tourist visa (eVisa involved) is legal for a maximum of three months and a single entrance. But you can only stay in Malaysia for a maximum of 30 days. It is the immigration Officials at the Malaysian port of access who chooses how long you can visit. An eNTRI visa is only legal for 15 days, and you cannot apply for one more eNTRI except three months have passed since your present one.

Malaysia Tourist Visa On Arrival

If you are an Indian or Chinese citizen, you can obtain a Malaysian Visa On Arrival at the port of entrance, providing if you come across the following circumstances:

  • You are coming straight from Indonesia, Singapore or Thailand and
  • You own a legal visa for one of those nations
  • You have a return/onward flight itinerary dated in the next seven days and
  • You have a minimum of USD 1000 for each person.

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