Malaysia Visa Photo Necessities



When you are applying for a Malaysian visa, you will be needed to also submit two photographs of yourself laterally with your application. But Malaysian visa requests go via close processing measures, and as such, the photos you provide should be in the line of the Malaysia visa photo necessities. If the photographs do not come across the determined conditions, your Malaysian visa appeal could be disallowed, solitary based on that.

Malaysia Visa Photograph Size

The photo you submit for a Malaysian visa appeal should come across the following dimensions necessities:

  • Sizes: 35mm width by 50 mm height
  • Your face should be positioned in the centre and take about 30-35 mm of the photo, height-wise.
  • There should be about a 5 mm gap from the top of your head to the top of the photograph.
  • There should be about 5-10 mm from your jaw to the bottom of the photo.

Additional Malaysia Visa Photograph Necessities

Further, then dimensions, your photo should also come across the following Malaysia visa photograph provisions:

  • The picture should be taken in a studio.
  • It should be taken freshly within the last three months
  • There should be no edges.
  • The picture should be colored.
  • It should be taken in front of a white background, with no designs.
  • The photo must not be edited, which would twist your skin color.
  • It must be with acceptable brightness and contrast. This signifies no extra or underexposure, no shades, and no glare.
  • The photo should not be altered to eliminate any distinctive features, for example, birthmark or a scar.
  • If there is red-eye in the photo, you should recapture it.
  • The photograph should be printed on the best/high-quality photo paper. A scanned photo or a colored photocopy will not be acknowledged.
  • There should not be any crumples or staple spots on the photo.

Your facial expression

  • You should have an unbiased facial appearance. Do not smile, frown, or grimace.
  • Your mouth should be closed.
  • You should look straight ahead. Head must not be sloped or curved away.
  • Your hair should not cover your face.
  • If you have a beard, you do not have to shave it for the picture.

Your clothing and accessories

  • You should attire darker dress that contrasts the background so that you are entirely visible.
  • You should not dress a hat, headband, or any other head fitment.
  • If you attire a headpiece for religious determinations, you may wear it in the photo, providing that it does not block your face, not even your forehead and chin.
  • If you wear prescribed spectacles, you may attire them in the photo as long as they do not block your face. If they have a thick edge or there is glare on the glass, you should remove them.
  • Dark glasses or any other colored glasses are not permitted.
  • Do not wear any large and glitzy ornaments.

Malaysia Visa Photograph Necessities for Children

Further, then the conditions for a Malaysian visa photo stated above, if you are submitting a photograph for a young child, ensure that it encounters the following necessities:

  • The child should be alone in the photo. This signifies that you cannot be in the picture holding them.
  • There should be no other substances, such as toys or flasks in the photo.
  • The child should be fronting the camera, with a closed mouth and neutral facial appearance.

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