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Citizens of specific nations are mandatory to apply for a visa prior they travel to Malaysia. If you are from a nation whose nationals require a Malaysian visa, then you have to accomplish the Malaysia visa necessities. Sighted as the place in which you submit your appeal varies dependent on your nation, the visa necessities for Malaysia also differ. If you are not qualified for the online Malaysian visa appeal, you should find the Malaysian Ambassadorial Mission or certified/authorized visa appeal center closest to you. Malaysian Ambassadorial Missions Overseas, i.e. consulates or high commissions, have info on their web portal concerning the documents essential for a Malaysian visa. They also give the address in which you must submit the application and papers.

Documents Needed

The essential documents for Malaysia visa are as follows:

Finalized Malaysia Visa Appeal Form: You can download the appeal form for Malaysian visa on the official web portal of the Immigration Department of Malaysia. The form is in PDF format and has to be finished electronically. As a result, you will require to have availability to a computer and Adobe Reader (or an equal). After completing the appeal form, you should print two copies and sign them. Print the appeal form on both sides of an A4 paper.

Legal Passport: You should submit your genuine passport, which should be legal for a minimum of six months from the date you aim to travel to Malaysia. Your passport should have a minimum two empty pages where the immigration officials will attach your visa and stamps. Furthermore, you should submit two coloured and clear copies of your passport’s bio-data page.

Photos: You should have two recent passport-size photos of yourself, which meet the Malaysia photo necessities. You should attach one of the photographs to your Malaysian visa appeal form.

Flight Ticket: You should submit the original flight itinerary bought for Malaysia as well as the return flight itinerary. You should also affix coloured copies of the ticket/s.

Evidence of Accommodation: You should show proof that you have accommodation in Malaysia. Dependent on where you are staying, you can submit evidence of hotel reservation, home rent contract, etc. If you are staying with someone (family member/friend/relative), they should write you a letter of invitation as evidence of accommodation.

A No Objection Letter (NOC) from Your Company: If you are a service holder, you must provide a NOC from your company which ensures your employment and expresses the length which you are likely to be absent from the office. If you are an ongoing student, provide a NOC from an authority at your educational institute which certifies you are a student there as well as the likely period of your absence.

A Letter of Invitation From Guarantor In Malaysia: If you are staying with friends/family member/relative in Malaysia, they should write a Letter of Invitation, inviting you to Malaysia, confirming your relationship and the dates in which you will stay with them. Their full address and contact number should also be contained within the letter.

Evidence of Enough Funds: In demand for your Malaysia visa appeal to be fruitful, you should verify that you are financially sound. You can support yourself or any dependents that are accompanying you. You should submit bank declarations and credit card statements for the last three months. You must have a minimum of USD 45 per day for the length of your stay, though the exact sum fluctuates dependent on the nation.

Evidence of Compensated Malaysian Visa Charge: You should pay a non-refundable, Malaysian visa appeal processing charge. The charge, along with the process of payment vary dependent on the Embassy managing your visa request. Some consulates receive cash, while others ask for the fee to be paid in bank cheque or money order right to the consulate before to submission of documents.

Yellow Fever Vaccination Documentation (If Appropriate): Each traveller who is aged one or older should have a Documentation of Yellow Fever Vaccination if:

  • They are from a nation that is in danger of Yellow Fever spread
  • If they transited in a nation that is in threat of Yellow Fever spread for a period lengthier than 12 hours

As such, you will require a Documentation of Yellow Fever Vaccination if you are from one of the resulting nations:





Burkina Faso



The central African Republic


Democratic Republic of Congo

















Sao Tome and Principe


Sierra Leone

South Africa

Sri Lanka

St. Kitts and Nevis









Documents Needed for Minors

If you are applying for a minor, you should also affix the minor’s birth credential. Furthermore, if the minor is travelling by themselves or with another adult person (other than the parent), a No Objection Letter (NOC) from the parents or permitted custodians is essential, letting the minor to travel.

Documents Needed for Malaysia Multiple Entrance Visa

If you are applying for a multiple Entrance Malaysian visas, you should also submit the resulting documents in adding to the ones itemized above:

  • A brief, written declaration from your which specifics the motives for applying for a multiple Entrance visa.
  • Flight itinerary booking, which expresses a minimum of two tours to Malaysia.
  • If you are from Thailand or Singapore, a Written Declaration of Aim to enter further than once may serve.)
  • Bank account statements which verify enough funds.

Documents for Malaysian Visa on Arrival

If you are from India and China, and you can obtain a Malaysian Visa on Arrival, you should meet the following necessities:

  • A legal visa from Indonesia, Singapore or Thailand.
  • A return/onward itinerary.
  • Sufficient funds (at least $1,000).
  • Legitimate passport with a minimum of six extra periods.
  • Confirmed hotel reservation or accommodation in Malaysia.

Malaysia Online Visa Necessities

If you are from a nation who is qualified to apply for a Malaysian visa online, you have to affix the essential documents electronically. This signifies you should scan them and add them to the visa appeal.

Malaysian Entrance Necessities

Later you have travelled to Malaysia. You should accomplish the resulting necessities to arrive:

  • You should be in ownership of a legal passport, as stated above.
  • You should have a visa if you are from a permit needed nation.
  • You should have evidence of enough funds.
  • You should have a return itinerary or a ticket for headlong travel.
  • You should complete the Entrance/Leaving Card at the Malaysian Entry point.
  • If you are travelling for long-term determinations (e.g. for a job, education, joining a family associate), you should have the acceptable Pass (Work Pass, Student Pass, etc.) you have gotten from the Immigration Department of Malaysia.
  • You should show evidence of sponsorship, if appropriate.

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