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If you wish to study in Switzerland, but you are an overseas citizen, you will require to appeal for a Switzerland Student Visa. The Swiss student visa is a kind of national visa for Switzerland. There are some circumstances you should come across before requesting for a Swiss student visa. In some situations, you may not even require to appeal for a visa at all. It all rests on your citizenship.

How to Obtain Switzerland Student Visa

Receiving admission in a Swiss educational institute: The very first thing you have to achieve if you wish to study in Switzerland is getting admitted into a Swiss educational institute. When you have your certificate of registration at the educational institute, you desire to study then you can appeal for a Switzerland student visa.

You must check if you require to appeal for a Swiss student visa: Maximum overseas citizens who wish to come to Switzerland and stay long-term, have to get a Swiss visa. But even though everybody requires a residence pass, citizens from specific nations are exempted from requesting for a long-stay Swiss visa. Those are:

  • Schengen nations
  • Future Schengen associate nations (Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, and Romania)
  • Andorra
  • Brunei
  • Great Britain
  • Ireland
  • Japan
  • New Zealand
  • San Marino
  • Singapore
  • Vatican City

However, even if somebody is exempted from appealing for the long-stay visa to enter Switzerland, everybody, regardless of their citizenship, has to appeal for a residence pass if they wish to stay lengthier than three months.

Collecting the needed documents: When you appeal to a Swiss student visa, you should come across certain circumstances and submit the documents required. The necessities for a Switzerland student visa are:

  • Finalized and signed appeal forms in either German, French, Italian, Spanish or English
  • A legal passport with a minimum of 2 blank pages. It should be legal for at least three months after your planned leave from Switzerland
  • Four new passport size photos meeting the visa photo specifications 
  • The compensated visa appeal fee
  • Evidence of adequate funds
  • Validation that you have compensated the course dues for your first year
  • Certificate of registration at your educational institute in Switzerland
  • Plan of the study
  • Photocopies of educational certificates
  • Letter of motivation in Swiss certified languages

Submitting the Switzerland student visa application: The application process for a Swiss student visa is as follows:

  • Book an appointment at your nation’s Swiss embassy
  • Download, fill up and sign the appeal form
  • Provide all the required documents in person
  • Compensate the Swiss student visa charge

After You Obtain the Swiss Student Visa

If you are provided with a Swiss student visa, you can then come to Switzerland. In 14 days of reaching in Switzerland, you have to register your entrance at your Residents Registration Office and visit the cantonal migration office where you will be living in demand to get your residence permit. You can find all the particulars of each canton's migration offices HERE.

The validity of the Swiss Student Visa

At first, a Switzerland student visa or the B permit you obtain to be permitted to stay for your studies is legal for one year. But, if your studies last lengthier than that, you have the opportunity to extend it.

Working Permission

You are only permitted to work fifteen hours a week in part-time jobs as a student. You can work full-time throughout the holidays. But you can only start working after six months of living in Switzerland, and your company has to obtain a work permit for you. The same instructions of work apply for the six months after you graduate when you are looking for a full-time, permanent job.

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