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Switzerland is well-liked tourist desirability with millions of publics from around the world visiting it every year. Citizens of certain European nations can enter Switzerland with hardly any restrictions. But not everybody has a free permit for entering Switzerland. Those who are not exempted will require to appeal for a Switzerland tourist visa in demand to arrive in this Mountainous nation. 

Who Needs a Tourist visa for Switzerland and Where to Appeal?

Generally, citizens of Schengen part nations do not require a Tourist visa for Switzerland. Nationals of the EU or the EEA also do not have to appeal for a permit to come in Switzerland. In adding, other nations are not a portion of the Schengen zone, the EU or the EEA but who are also exempted from requesting for a visa. You appeal for a Swiss tourist visa at the Swiss embassy in your home nation. If there is no Swiss consulate office in your nation, you have to find out in which Schengen nation’s embassy Switzerland has subcontracted for visa submissions.

Necessities for a Switzerland Tourist Visa

You will require documents that verify you are going to Switzerland for tourism determinations:

  • A finalized and signed Switzerland Tourist Visa appeal form
  • Two passport size photographs meeting the photo necessities for a Schengen visa
  • Your legal passport along with copies of present and previous passports
  • Travel insurance that covers the whole stay in Switzerland
  • A cover letter that verifies that the aim for going to Switzerland is for tourism
  • Evidence of civil status
  • Evidence of adequate funds (at least €92.34 per day)
  • Evidence of compensated Swiss Tourist visa appeal charges
  • Evidence of housing
  • Papers which verify the travel is for tourism drives
  • Letter from a company stating your job description, your designation in the company

If you are visiting household members or friends in Switzerland:

  • Invitation letter from the host
  • Evidence of family relationship
  • Evidence of housing
  • Evidence that your sponsor can cover your expenses (if appropriate)

How to Apply

The procedure of the Switzerland visa appeal goes as follows:

  • Schedule an appointment with the Swiss embassy in your nation
  • Download and fill up a Switzerland tourist visa appeal form
  • Collect all the required Swiss tourist visa documents
  • Submit the visa appeal in person at the proper Swiss embassy
  • Appear at the visa interview
  • Compensate the Switzerland tourist visa charges
  • Halt for the Tourist visa to be managed

If your Swiss tourist appeal is acknowledged, you will obtain a visa stamp on your passport which displays how long the visa is legal.


Like other kinds of Schengen visas, it is legal for a maximum of 90 days in six months. If you obtain a multiple-entrance Tourist Schengen visa, you can arrive and depart from the Schengen zone as many times as you like within six months. The Swiss Schengen visa permits you to travel between all the Schengen nations.

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