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As Switzerland is a portion of the Schengen zone, the Swiss business visa is one of the kinds of Schengen visas for Switzerland. But not everybody requires a permit to travel to Switzerland for business. Citizens of some nations are exempted.

Who Needs a Swiss Business Visa?

If you wish to travel to Switzerland for business determinations, you may require to appeal for a Switzerland business visa. Beforehand you start your Swiss business visa appeal, you must check if you have to request for this visa. As Switzerland is a Schengen area associate, all citizens from a Schengen zone nation can travel there without restrictions and a permit. Additional groups of publics who do not require a visa for entering Switzerland contain citizens from an EU or EEA state. Nationals from specific non-EU, EEA, or Schengen nations can also arrive in Switzerland without a visa.

Switzerland Business Visa Necessities

The required documents for a Switzerland business visa application are:

  • A finalized and signed Switzerland Business Visa appeal form
  • Two passport size photos obeying with the photo requirements for a Schengen visa
  • Your legal passport along with copies of present and previous passports
  • Travel insurance which covers your whole stay in Switzerland
  • A cover letter that verifies that the aim for going to Switzerland
  • Proof of civil status
  • Proof of adequate fund
  • Evidence of compensated Swiss Business visa appeal charges
  • Evidence of earlier trade relations between the companies (If appropriate)
  • Business bank declarations for the past six months
  • Brief profile of your office
  • A letter of invitation from your sponsor (The Swiss business you will visit).
    • It has to define the business connection between the companies
    • It should also comprise the company’s particulars, address
  • A formal letter from your company which includes validation that you are an employee of the company, state your travel determinations
  • Coverage of expenditures.
    • If your sponsor is covering your expenditures, they have to mention this in their invitation letter
    • They should also affix bank statements along with their invitation letter

How to Apply

The appeal procedure for a Switzerland business visa are as following:

  • Schedule an appointment with the Swiss embassy in your nation
  • Download and fill up a Switzerland tourist visa appeal form
  • Collect all the required Swiss tourist visa documents
  • Submit the visa appeal in person at the proper Swiss embassy
  • Appear at the visa interview
  • Compensate the Switzerland tourist visa charges
  • Halt for the Tourist visa to be managed


Like other Swiss Schengen visa kinds, it is legal for a maximum of 90 days in six months. There are single-entrance and multiple-entrance Schengen Business visas for Switzerland.

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