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If you desire to remain in Switzerland for a duration that is extended than 90 days, you have to appeal for a residence permit. But, prior to the residence permit, dependent on your citizenship, you require to request for a Switzerland long-stay visa. The Switzerland long-stay visa is also identified as the D-visa. The long-stay visa only permits third-country citizens to arrive in Switzerland with the determination of appealing for a residence permit. It is the Switzerland residence permit which permits you to stay and work in Switzerland for a long-term duration.

Types of a Switzerland Long-Stay Visa

Reliant on your motive for wishing to move to Switzerland and get a Swiss residence permit, the followings are the kinds of long-stay Swiss visas:

  • Switzerland Study Visas: You request for a Swiss study visa if you wish to pursue an education in Switzerland and have been acknowledged to a Swiss educational institute early.
  • Switzerland Work Visas: If you wish to be permitted to work in Switzerland lawfully, you should appeal for a Swiss work visa.
  • Switzerland Family Reunion Visas: You can appeal for a Swiss family reunification visa if you have a household member who is a Swiss national or permanent resident and you wish to join them there.

How to Apply

If you are from a nation which is needed to appeal for a Swiss long-stay visa, then you should request for a Swiss visa in person at the Swiss embassy in your home nation.

Check if you require a Switzerland National visa: Nationals of maximum countries have to appeal for a long-stay visa for Switzerland.  The nations who are exempted from requesting for a Switzerland long-stay visa are:

  • Schengen nations
  • Future Schengen associate nations (Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, and Romania)
  • Andorra
  • Brunei
  • Great Britain
  • Ireland
  • Japan
  • New Zealand
  • San Marino
  • Singapore
  • Vatican City

Fill up the appeal form: You have to get the appeal form and fill it up. Before submitting the appeal, you have to book an appointment at your nation’s Swiss embassy.

Prepare the document file: When appealing for a Swiss long-stay visa, you should come across the following circumstances and have the needed documents:

  • Three finalized, signed and dated appeal forms in either German, French, Italian, Spanish or English
  • Legal passport with a minimum of two empty pages. You should also provide three photocopies of the passport’s relevant pages 1-4
  • Four recent passport size photographs
  • Further documents may be needed based on the determination of travel and the nation you are appealing from.

Next Submitting the Appeal

Next, you have submitted your visa petition, the Swiss embassy in your home nation will forward it to the experienced cantonal migration office in Switzerland. You will obtain a visa if the cantonal migration office in the area you desire to live approves it.

After Getting the Swiss Long-Stay Visa

After you obtain your Swiss long-stay visa, you will have a time boundary in which you have to enter Switzerland. When you are there, you will need to register at your Residents Registration Office in demand to make preparations for you to get your residence permit. You should do this in 14 days.

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