Switzerland Family Reunion Visa



If you are staying in Switzerland, dependent on your residential position, you may be qualified to bring your household members to reside with you. This is likely due to the Switzerland Family Reunion visa.


The documents claimants have to submit when requesting for a Switzerland family reunion visa are:

  • Three finalized and signed appeal forms in any of the following languages:
    • German
    • French
    • Italian
    • Spanish
    • English
  • Legal passport or any other travel document delivered in the last ten years
  • Three photocopies of all the related pages of the passport
  • Four recent passport-sized photos meeting the photo requirements
  • For spouse: International wedding certificate Form B
  • For children: Acknowledgement certificate or authorization of their legal representatives
  • Three photocopies of the Switzerland residence permit or identity card of the spouse residing in Switzerland
  • A thorough extract of the personal registration certificate (the original and two photocopies) and should also be interpreted in one of Switzerland’s certified languages
  • A citation of the candidate’s criminal record
  • International birth credential Form B (original and two photocopies).
  • Certificate of residence (original and two photocopies)

Language Necessities

Since a new scheme of government amendments which came into result January 2019, when your household members appeal for their Switzerland residence permit, the authorities may request them to sign a cultural integration contract and show a certain level of language skill. For family reunion, the candidates can be asked to present that they have the oral language skills of level A1.

Switzerland Family Reunion Visa for Household Members of Permanent Residence Owners

An overseas citizen who has stayed in Switzerland for a minimum of ten continuous years is qualified to get Switzerland permanent residence or Permit C. The owner of a permanent residence permit receives a lot of the similar aids as a Switzerland national. They can get employed anywhere, and for whatever company they wish, and are allowed to stay anyplace in Switzerland they select. They are also permitted to bring their third-nation household members to stay with them.

How to Appeal

The appeal process may vary to some extent, reliant on the citizenship of your household members. If somebody wishes to remain in Switzerland for extended than three months, they require to have a residence permit. But, in maximum situations, the residence permit appeal is completed after someone is in Switzerland. So, foremost overseas citizens also require to have a long-stay Switzerland visa to be permitted for entrance in Switzerland in the first place. Long-stay visas are delivered based on the determination of travel. So, if your household members desire to come to stay with you, the sort of long-stay permit they require to request for is the Switzerland Family Reunion Visa. They should appeal to the Switzerland family reunion visa at the Switzerland Embassy in their nation. They should first book an appointment prior to going in to apply in person and submit all the essential documents.

Needed Documents

After they reach in Switzerland, they have to go to the cantonal immigration and labor market offices and obtain their particular residence permits. They should have the resulting documents:

  • Their legal passport or travel documents or travel ID
  • For Spouse: Their wedding certificate
  • For Children: Their birth documentations
  • A formal letter which validates that you will fund any dependents

Switzerland Family Reunion Visa for Household Members of Temporary Residence Owners

The Permit L and Permit B are impermanent. They are delivered for one year, but the B Permit can be renewed yearly, while the L permit can only be renewed once.

Admissibility standards: If you are a temporary permit owner, you require approval from the cantonal immigration bureaus to be permitted to bring your household members with you. You should be able to accomplish certain circumstances to be qualified, such as:

  • Have sufficient space in your apartment
  • Have adequate fund to support any dependents

Switzerland Family Reunion Visa for Household Members of EU or EFTA Nationals

If you are an EU or EFTA national who is residing in Switzerland, you can bring your household members to stay with you. But you have to verify that you can:

  • Easily accommodate them into your house
  • Have sufficient fund to support them financially

EU or EFTA nationals can invite the ensuing household members to reside with them in Switzerland:

  • Spouse or legal companion
  • Children and grandchildren below 21 years old
  • Parents and grandparents

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