Switzerland Visa Documents Necessities


If you do require to appeal for a Switzerland visa, then there are various necessities you need to come across as well as documents you should submit.

Switzerland Visa Necessities

The Switzerland visa necessities rest on mostly on the determination of travel. For instance, if you are appealing for a Switzerland business visa, you need to submit a business associated document that is not essential when you petition for a Switzerland tourist visa. But there is a standard set of documents that everybody, irrespective to the travel drive, should have. To appeal for a Switzerland visa, you must provide the resulting documents:

A finalized Switzerland Visa application form: You have to get the Switzerland visa appeal form, fill it in thoroughly and honestly, and submit it with the other documents.

Two passport photos meeting the Switzerland visa photograph necessities: When you appeal, you should also submit two recent photos of yourself. They should be captured in front of a light background and have 35x45mm sizes. Your face should take up 70-80% of it. You must look directly to the camera with an unbiassed facial appearance.

A legal passport: You should have a legal passport when you appeal. The passport should not be older than ten years, and it should have a minimum of two empty pages. It should have the validity for at least three months. You must also submit:

  • A photocopy of your passport’s biodata sheet
  • Photocopies of previous passports’ biodata sheets
  • Photocopies of any prior visas along with all entrance or exit stamps

Medical insurance covering your whole stay in Switzerland: If you wish to travel to Switzerland, you require to have travel medical insurance coverage that is legal for the entire duration of your stay. It should cover a minimum of €30,000 of medical expenditures in all the associate states of the Schengen zone.

A cover letter: You must also include a cover letter that clarifies the aim of going to Switzerland containing the following:

  • Funding for your tour
  • Your relationship with the sponsor and the reason they are sponsoring you (if applicable)
  • Details of your travel plan
  • Explaning the reason for which you were unable to provide any needed document
  • Evidence you plan to return to your home nation

Flight itinerary: You will also require to provide a reserved flight itinerary or flight booking, which contains flight numbers as well as entrance and exit dates from Switzerland.

Evidence of housing in Switzerland: You should provide evidence of accommodation for the total of your stay in Switzerland. It can be through hotel reservations, an invitation from your host, or proof of a pre-paid tour.

Evidence of civil status: This is completed over providing photocopies of your wedding certificate, the birth credential of the child etc.

Evidence of adequate fund: You should verify to the Switzerland authorities you will be able to bear all the expenses for the duration of your stay in Switzerland. You should have a minimum €92.34 per day for each day you spend in Switzerland. For a student, the amount is lowered to €27.70 per day.

Evidence of compensated Switzerland Visa processing charge: When you appeal for your Switzerland Schengen visa, you have to pay for a non-returnable visa appeal fee.

Visa Requirements Based on Your Professional Status

Grounded on whether you are working, a student, or self-employed, you will require to provide the appropriate documents accordingly.

If you are working:

  • A photocopy of your job agreement
  • Bank account’s statement of the last six months
  • NOC from the company
  • Your Income Tax Return Certificate

If you are self-employed:

  • A photocopy of your business authorization
  • Your company’s bank account’s statement for the last six months
  • Income Tax Return Certificate

If you are a student:

  • Evidence of registration in an educational organization
  • NOC from your educational organization

If you are retired:

  • Pension statements from the last six months

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