Employment Pass (EP) for Singapore


If you are an overseas citizen who has obtained an executive, managerial, or specialized job in Singapore, you are qualified to appeal for the Singapore Employment Pass. Citizens from any nation can request for the EP Singapore.

If you are an overseas citizen who has obtained an executive, managerial, or specialized job in Singapore, you are qualified to appeal for the Singapore Employment Pass. Citizens from any nation can request for the EP Singapore. In adding to having a job in Singapore, there are various necessities you and your company will have to encounter to be qualified for the Employment Pass.

Who Meet the Requirements to Apply?

You are qualified to appeal for an Employment Pass if you come across all the following necessities:

  • You will have to gain an executive, managerial or specialized post
  • You come across the Employment Pass least salary necessities:
    • For a shorter period of work knowledge or are a fresh graduate, your minimum wage must be a minimum of $3,600
    • For an older and further highly-skilled worker, minimum monthly salary necessities will be higher
  • You should have satisfactory qualifications, such as a university degree, special skills, or specialized qualifications.

The Ministry of Manpower chooses whether a candidate qualifies for a Singapore Employment Pass or not.

Employment Pass Appeal

The appeal procedure for the EP is alienated in two parts. The first part takes place while you are still in your home nation. Your company submits the Employment Pass appeal to be accepted. In the second part, you have to be in Singapore as your company files the petition to get your EP delivered. Both portions of the appeal are done online. If the company is not listed in Singapore, you will require a local guarantor to submit the petition on behalf of you. In this situation, the sponsor has to provide the appeal manually.

Appealing for the Employment Pass Online: The Employment Pass online appeal procedure goes as follows:

  • You send your company a written letter of permission to appeal for the EP on your behalf
  • The company appeals for the Employment Pass via the online application system and pay the necessary processing fee, which is accessible on MOM’s website
  • If the Pass is permitted, the employer will get an In-Principle Approval (IPA) letter
  • They forward the IPA letter to you, which you can use to arrive in Singapore
  • When you are in Singapore, your company submits another appeal via EP Online with the required visa fee
  • Your company has to enter an address and other personal information about you
  • Your company will get a notification letter, which they hand over to you. The notification letter:
    • Permits you to start working
    • Notifies you whether you have to register your fingerprints and photograph
  • If you require to register, you should do it at the Employment Pass Services Centre (EPSC) in two weeks
  • Afterward, you register, you will obtain your Pass Card within four working days

Appealing for the Employment Pass Manually: If your employer is not listed in Singapore, then you should find a local guarantor to submit the Employment Pass appeal at the MOM for you. To file a manual Employment Pass appeal, the procedure is as follows:

  • Send your local guarantor a written letter of permission, permitting them to submit the EP appeal on your behalf
  • Your guarantor has to download and fill up the Employment Pass Appeal Form. They should attach all the essential documents stated on the form
  • They mail the appeal to MOM via a Singapore’s post office
  • The guarantor has to compensate for the EP processing cost
  • After your Employment Pass appeal is permitted, the MOM emails the In-Principle Approval (IPA) letter to the contact person assigned on the application form
  • You can use the IPA letter to arrive in Singapore (in six months), so you and your guarantor can appeal to obtain the Pass provided

Required Documents

You should have several supportive documents for the EP as follows:

  • Finalized Application Form for Employment Pass
    • It should be signed by you as well as your employer
    • It should be printed with the company’s stamp
  • Photocopy of the personal info page of your valid passport
  • Your educational certificates
    • If you are from India, you will require the following additional documents:
      • Copies transcripts
  • Verification for your educational certificates and documents
    • Citizen of China can obtain the confirmation from China Higher Education Student Information and Career Center or China Academic Degrees & Graduate Education Information
  • A fresh resume
  • Recent passport size photo meeting the Singapore photograph necessities
  • Copy of your employer’s business profile
  • Your job description
  • Letter of Support or Registration from a Registration Agency. Based on the job, you can get these letters of support from the following specialized bodies:
    • Singapore Medical Council
    • Singapore Dental Council
    • Allied Health Professions Council
    • Singapore Nursing Board
    • Singapore Pharmacy Council
    • Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners Board
    • Legal Services Regulatory Authority
    • Sport Singapore
  • For workers in a food establishment: A photocopy of the license delivered by the Singapore Food Agency (SFA).

Supplementary Documents

In adding, when you appeal to receive your Employment Pass, you will require to present:

  • Your valid passport’s details
  • Particulars about your Short-Term Visit Pass
  • The address of the house in Singapore
  • Embarkation or Disembarkation Card
  • If required: A medical checkup form or a health declaration form
  • The IPA letter

Employment Pass Renewal

An Employment Pass is legal for two years when it is first approved, and it can be renewed. After every renewal, the EP will be permitted for a maximum of three years.

Bringing Household Members to Singapore with an Employment Pass

EP holders can bring their household members to stay with them in Singapore. Reliant on the family connection, this can be done in two ways:

  • Via the Dependent’s Pass: This is offered to the EP holder’s lawfully wedded spouse and any dependent children under 21
  • Via the Long-Term Visit Pass (LTVP): This is accessible to other close household members who do not meet the requirements for the Dependent’s Pass

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