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Among all of Singapore's work permits and passes, the one which provides the most flexibility is the Personalized Employment Pass. But the Personalized Employment Pass also has the hardest admissibility necessities.

Among all of Singapore’s work permits and passes, the one which provides the most flexibility is the Personalized Employment Pass. But the Personalized Employment Pass also has the hardest admissibility necessities.

Who is Qualified

You are qualified for the Personalized Employment Pass if you come across the following necessities:

  • You are by now in Singapore with an Employment Pass, and you have an income a minimum of S$12,000
  • Your previous fixed income at your foreign job was at least S$18,000

You cannot appeal for a Personalized Employment Pass if:

  • You have an Employment Pass which you obtained under the sponsorship system (if the company you work for is not listed in Singapore)
  • You are an investor, partner, or owner in a company listed under ACRA (Accounting and Corporate Regulatory)
  • Are a freelancer, reporter, publishing supervisor, sub-editor or producer

Employment Pass vs. Regular Employment Pass

The Personalized Employment Pass provides a lot of additional aids than a regular Employment Pass does. For example:

  • You can get employed in any area
  • You are not knotted to a particular employer
  • If you switch your job, you do not have to appeal for a new work Pass. You have just to inform the Ministry of Manpower
  • You can live in Singapore and look for a job for up to six months even if you are jobless

Circumstances and Necessities

You should obey a specific set of necessities and conditions as well. The obligations for a PEP contain:

  • You cannot be jobless in Singapore while you own a PEP for extended than six months. If you cannot get a job within six months, your PEP will be revoked
  • You should earn a minimum of S$144,000 each year
  • You should inform the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) for any alteration to your info or status, such as:
    • Joining a new job
    • Resigning from a job
    • Altering your personal information, for example, your address

How to Apply

You must follow the steps to apply appropriately for Personalized Employment Pass:

Appealing for a Personalized Employment Pass: The Personalized Employment Pass appeal procedure goes as follows:

  • Download and finalize the Personalized Employment Pass Appeal Form from MOM’s official website
  • Get all the documents that are stated in Annex 1 of the appeal form
  • Submit the appeal form and the documents at a SingPost counter to mail it to the Ministry of Manpower
  • Compensate for the pass processing cost (S$105) and keep the payment slip

Obtaining the Pass Issued Online: You can appeal online if you have a SingPass account, or if you appeal via a selected Employment Agent with a SingPass account. The procedure of requesting to get your Pass issued online goes as follows:

  • Sign in to EP Online via your SingPass account to make the appeal
  • Provide all the needed documents
  • Compensate the charge (S$225). You may have to pay extra charges
  • Receive your notification letter

Getting the Pass Issued Manually: If you do not have a selected Employment Agent or a SingPass account, then you should appeal your Pass through the counter at the Employment Pass Services Centre (EPSC). The procedure of requesting to get your Pass issued manually goes as follows:

  • Get an appointment at the Employment Pass Services Centre (EPSC) through MOM’s web portal
  • Submit all the needed documents
  • Compensate for the processing cost (S$225). Pay an extra fee if needed

Registration of your Photo and Fingerprints: You will have to register your photo and fingerprints if:

  • You are applying for the first time
  • If the last time you listed photo and fingerprints were five years ago

You must make an appointment at EPSC to register within the two weeks after your Pass is provided (not your Pass Card). You must carry the resulting documents when you go to your appointment:

  • Your valid passport
  • The appointment letter for your job
  • The notification letter from MOM
  • Any documents that were itemized in the IPA and notification letter

Required Documents

When you appeal for a Personalized Employment Card, you will have to submit various supportive documents. All the papers you provide have to be in English.

Required Documents when you Appeal for the PEP: When you are requesting for your Personalized Employment Pass, you should submit the resulting documents:

  • Copies of the related sheets of your valid passport
  • Copies of your all educational certificates
  • Copies of all present and past employment agreements
  • A document specifying your employment record
  • Bank declarations and salary statements for the last three months
  • Your latest tax payment slips or document

Necessities when you Get the Pass Issued: When you appeal to obtain your Pass issued, you will require:

  • Copies of your valid passport’s details
  • A Short-Term Visit Permit or an immigration pass
  • Particulars about your place of house in Singapore
  • An address where they will send you your Pass Card
  • Communication information of at least one person you have approved to receive your Pass on your behalf
  • Your Disembarkation or Embarkation card
  • A finalized declaration form along with your IPA letter

Bringing Household Members with a Personalized Employment Pass

All PEP holders are permitted to bring their household members to reside with them in Singapore. Reliant on your connection with your household member, you can bring them via:

  • The Dependent’s Pass offered to:
    • Lawfully wedded spouse
    • Children below 21 years old and single
  • The Long-Term Visit Pass (LTVP), provided to household members who do not meet the requirements for the Dependent’s Pass:
    • Common-law spouse
    • A child over 21 years old if the child has a mental or physical handicap making them dependent on you
    • Step-children under 21 years old and unmarried
    • Your parents

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