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Getting Singapore citizenship comes with a lot of advantages. But obtaining a Singapore nationality cannot be achieved suddenly. The procedure takes months. Read details in this article.

Getting Singapore citizenship comes with a lot of advantages. Singapore is recognized as one of the world’s greatest nonviolent nations with lots of social benefits. In adding, a Singapore passport provides you visa-exempted travel to 189 nations. Gaining Singapore nationality will give you entree to all those benefits. At the similar time, you will also have the tasks of a Singaporean, such as completing National Service and obeying with the Exit Permit. But obtaining a Singapore nationality cannot be achieved suddenly. The procedure takes months.

Who is Qualified

You can appeal to obtain Singaporean nationality if you come under one of these groups:

  • You are a minimum of the age of 21 years and have been a Permanent Resident for at least two years
  • You are the spouse of a Singapore national and you are holding a PR for at least two years
  • You are the son or daughter (below 21 years old and not married) of a Singapore national
  • You are a student who owns a Permanent Residence Permit for Singapore and comes across the following necessities:
    • Living in Singapore for extra than three years
    • Obtained a Residence Permit for a minimum of one year
    • You have passed at least one national exam
  • You are the aged parent of a Singapore national, and you own a Permanent Residence Permit

Singapore Citizenship Appeal Procedure

The Singapore citizenship appeal is alienated into four steps:

The Online Appeal: You submit a Singapore citizenship appeal via an online facility, using ICA’s eService. You must have a SingPass account to log in and apply. You can apply by yourself, or you can select an agency

The Singapore Citizenship Travel: When your online appeal is permitted, you will get an Approval in Principle letter, which lets you begin your Singapore Citizenship Trip. The Singapore Citizenship Trip is a program planned to help new nationals become familiar and better united in Singapore. It is alienated into three portions:

  • Part I: You will know essential information about Singapore, such as its history, culture, values and norms, the permissible, educational system, defense and healthcare arrangements, and other vital national strategies. There are five modules for this part.

  • Part II: You will experience a Singapore Experiential Trip, where you will visit significant Singaporean historical revolutions and national organizations

  • Part III: You will join a community sharing gathering where you will see other residents and grassroots leaders from your constituency and reflect on your understandings.

Canceling Former Nationality: Singapore does not permit dual nationality, so in demand to become a Singapore national, you will have to cancel your present nationality. You have to do this after you complete your Singapore Citizenship Trip. You must go to the embassy of your existing nationality to make preparations to cancel it. You will obtain a letter to Cancel Foreign Citizenship. You have to avail it and then join a meeting at the ICA for Registration of Singapore Citizenship as specified in the Approval in Principle letter.

Singapore Citizenship Ceremony: In three to six months of canceling your former nationality and registering for Singapore Citizenship, you will have to appear in a Citizenship Ceremony. You will obtain your Pink Identity Card (NRIC) and SC Certificate, which make you an official Singapore national.

Required Documents

Dependent on your situation, when you appeal to Singapore citizenship, you have to provide various documents for each candidate to support your appeal, such as:

  • Overseas ID card
  • Photo meeting the Singapore photograph necessities
  • Legal passport
  • Birth documentation
  • Documents associated with the family:
    • Wedding certificate (if applicable)
    • Divorce documentation (if applicable)
    • Separation Agreement (if applicable)
    • Death certificates (if appropriate)
    • Guardianship documents (if applicable)
  • Educational documents
  • Employment documents
    • Job agreement
    • Salary slips from the last six months
    • Income tax valuation of the previous three years
    • The newest Business Registration Certificate from ACRA
  • National Service-related documents:
    • National Service Certificate of Service
    • National Service Recommendation
    • National Service Mark sheet
  • Letter of permission from a previous spouse to bring the child to Singapore (if applicable)

The Singapore National Service Responsibility

Each Singapore national and a permanent resident male has to complete military service, recognized as National Service (NS), except they are excused. Singapore nationals have to register for NS after they become 16.5 years old, and they will be called to join sometime prior to their 18th birthday. Singapore males who are subject to National Service responsibilities will have to obtain an Exit Permit to be permitted to remain outside Singapore for an extended period.

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