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The Singapore government has made it conceivable for expert overseas employees to bring their family members to reside in Singapore with them over the Dependent Pass. Read details about the qualification and application process in this article.

Singapore has a vast number of overseas staff. Conferring to Singapore’s Ministry of Manpower (MOM), more than 20% of Singapore’s population contains foreigners who are staying on a Singapore work visa. Further precisely, more than 1.3 million public, out of Singapore’s total population of 5.6 million, are overseas employees. The Singapore government has also made it conceivable for expert overseas employees to bring their family members to reside in Singapore with them over the Dependent Pass.

Who is Qualified

If you are an overseas employee who wishes to bring household member to stay with them in Singapore over the Dependent Pass, you have to accomplish the following circumstances:

  • You should own an Employment Permit, Personalized Employment Pass, S Pass, or EntrePass
  • For EP, PEP, and S Pass owners:
    • You should earn at least $6,000 per month
    • You should be recruited by a well-recognized and Singapore listed company
  • For EntrePass owners: You should come across Singapore’s necessities for total annual business spending (at least S$100,000) and local employment

In adding, you can only bring the ensuing household members to stay with you:

  • Lawfully married husband or wife
  • Children below 21 years who are single including the adopted child

Necessities for a Dependent’s Pass

After you submit a petition for a Singapore Dependent’s Pass, you should have various supportive documents. Besides the procedure, the Singaporean authorities may request you for additional documentation. The followings are the documents you will require:

  • Photocopy of the candidate’s passport’s biodata sheet
    • In the case of children, copies of the parent’s passport’s information sheets
  • For your husband or wife: Photocopy of the wedding certificate
  • For children:
    • Photocopy of the birth documentation containing the parent’s name
    • A photocopy of the adoption papers (if applicable)
    • If the children is below 12 years, the validation of vaccination document from the Health Promotion Board (HBP)
  • If any of the papers are in a language other than English, they need to be translated by a certified translator

In adding, when you appeal to obtain your household member’s Pass issued, you may be requested to provide the following documents:

  • Copy of the passports of the family members
  • Particulars of their present Short-Term Visit Pass or immigration Pass
  • The address of the housing in Singapore
  • An address for delivering the Card
  • The Disembarkation or Embarkation card
  • The claimant’s IPA letter
  • A medical examination results

Methods of Application

Appealing for a Dependent’s Pass through online facility

If you are an S Pass or Employment Pass owner, your company or an Employment Agency has to submit the appeal on behalf of you. The request is submitted using the EP Online facility, Singapore’s e-Service, which is accessible at the website of the Ministry of Manpower (MOM).

  • Appealing for the Dependent Pass: Your Company has to submit all the needed documents and compensate visa charges for each household member. The cost is S$105 per appeal. If the MOM agrees with the petition for the Dependent’s Pass, they will provide an In-Principle Approval letter. Your company has to print this letter and send it to your household members. If you are an EP owner, your household members have to travel to Singapore in six months and submit an appeal. For S Pass owners, your household members should travel to Singapore inside two months.
  • Obtaining the Dependent Pass Issued: To get your household member’s Dependent Pass issued, your company should submit another appeal via EP Online. During the request, your household members have to be in Singapore for the procedure. You should compensate for an additional fee of S$225 for each of the passes. They also have to submit all the needed documents. When the MOM issues the Pass, they will give your employer a notice letter, which your company gives to your household member. The letter permits your household member to arrive or leave Singapore.
  • Obtaining the Dependent Pass Card: Your household member has to check the notice letter to see whether they require to submit their photographs and fingerprints. When they are listed and submitted all the required documents, the Pass Card is generally provided within four working days.

Appealing for a Dependent’s Pass manually

To submit an appeal in person, you have to download and complete the “Dependent’s Pass appeal form,” which is obtainable from MOM’s official web portal. You also require to assemble all the needed documents stated in the form. EntrePass owner should also finalize the “Assessment of eligibility to apply for family passes” form, also obtainable on MOM’s website. You should submit all the documents and forms to the MOM through a SingPost branch. You need to pay the charge of S$105 for each appeal and keep the payment receipt you get. If the request is acknowledged, in about eight weeks, you will get an email with the In-Principle Approval (IPA) letter, which permits your household member to travel to Singapore and appeal to get the Pass issued.

Note: A Dependent’s Pass is legal for a similar duration as the overseas worker’s employment Pass, generally up to two years, and it can be renewed.

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