Singapore Exit Permit


Singapore citizen gets a lot of advantages. You will get access to the Singapore social security savings scheme. You will be eligible to buy a flat within the Housing & Development Board (HDB) scheme. Besides, you will get access to a further reasonable healthcare facility. You would also obtain visa-exempted travel to 189 nations and territories. But, becoming a Singapore national or permanent residence owner also signifies that you have to obey the commitments of other Singaporeans. Leaving Singapore short of getting an Exit Permit is measured as a crime. The Singapore Exit Permit is needed in demand to ensure that the Singaporean male will finally return to Singapore to complete his military service.

Exit Permit Necessities

The Singapore Exit Permit necessities are as follows:

  • If you are within 13 to 16.5 years old and you wish to stay out of the nation for a period, not beyond two years
  • If you are among 13 and 16.5 years old and you wish to stay out of the nation for over two years
  • If you are over 16.5 years old and you desire to stay outside Singapore for over three months:
    • Need to get an Exit Permit
    • Your family have to compensate for a security bond of S$75,000
    • Submit a document verifying your study status foreign
    • Submit a document verifying your parents’ job status and their income taxation notices

In adding:

  • When you have obtained the Exit Permit, you are only permitted to remain out of the nation for only as long as the Exit Permit is provided
  • If you are studying overseas, you will be approved an Exit Permit for the length of your courses
  • If for some cause, you cannot come back to Singapore prior to the Exit Permit ends, you will be needed to appeal for an extension
  • If you do not return to Singapore before your Exit Permit expires, the Singapore government considers you have committed an offense the fine you need to pay:
    • If you are amid 13 and 16.5 years old: You will have to compensate a fine of up to S$2,000
    • If you are beyond the age of 16.5 years: You have to compensate a fine of up to S$10,000 or be imprisoned for up to three years or both

How to Apply

You have to appeal via online service on the NS Portal through a SingPass account. You have to appeal no extra than three months prior to your scheduled date of travel. If your request is acknowledged, you will only obtain an electronic Exit Permit (eEP) number. There is no hardcopy of an Exit Permit.

Documents Needed

You may have to provide the resulting documents to backing your Exit Permit appeal, dependent on your determination of travel, and they are:

  • Personal details
  • Family details, such as the NRIC number, nationality, the address of residence in Singapore, profession, etc.)
  • Education qualification’s details 
  • If you will be going on a social tour:
    • Relevant visa (if appropriate)
    • Travel ticket
  • If you will be accompanying a spouse who is working foreign:
    • Wedding credential
    • Related documents to their job
  • If you will be enrolling in an educational program overseas:
    • Letter of registration or acceptance affirming the level of study and length
    • Copy of the student visa (if appropriate)
    • Education fees payment receipt
  • If you will be working foreign:
    • Appointment letter provided by the employer or work agreement
  • Any applicable documents, dependent on your determination of travel, such as:
    • Business tour
    • Medicinal treatment
    • Training

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