Singapore Long-Term Visit Pass


If an overseas citizen wishes to remain in Singapore for lengthier than 30 days, they must have to obtain a Long-Term Visit Pass. There are two kinds of LTVPs provided by two various Singaporean authorities. They have changed admissibility necessities and different appeal procedures.

  • The first kind of LTVP is delivered by the Singapore Immigrant and Checkpoints Authority (ICA). It is offered to overseas guests who desire to stay in Singapore extended than the 30 days that the Short-Term Visit Pass permits.
  • The second kind of LTVP is delivered by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM). It is offered to the household members of overseas staff who do not meet the requirements for the Dependent Pass but wish to go live with their household members in Singapore.

Who is Qualified?

Long Term Visit Pass provided by ICA: You are qualified to appeal for an LTVP at the ICA if you are:

  • The wife or husband of a Singaporean National or Permanent Resident
  • The dependent child (below 21 years old) of a Singaporean National or Permanent Resident
  • The father and mother of a Singaporean National or Permanent Resident
  • A fresh graduate from a Higher Learning organization who wishes to get employed in Singapore
  • The mother or grandmother of an outsider who is in Singapore with a Student Pass
  • An immigrant who wishes to give birth of a child

Long-Term Visit Pass issued by the MOM: If an overseas worker who is in Singapore with a Work Visa wishes to bring their spouse and dependent child along with them. If the household member is not a legal spouse or dependent child (below 21 years old), they do not come across the requirements for the Dependent Pass. As an alternative, they require a Long-Term Visit Pass. An overseas worker can bring their household member to Singapore with an LTVP only if:

  • They hold a Singapore Employment Pass (EP), S Pass, Personalized Employment Pass (PEP) or EntrePass
  • For EP, PEP, S Pass owners:
    • Their fixed monthly income is a minimum of S$6,000
    • Their employer is a Singaporean-registered company
  • For EntrePass owners: They should come across Singapore’s necessities for total yearly business spending (at least S$100,000)

Furthermore, they are permitted to bring their:

  • Common-law partner
  • The child over 21 years old if the child has a psychological or physical handicap making them dependent on their parent
  • Unmarried stepchild below 21 years old
  • Their parents

Required Documents

Appealing at the ICA: Someone who demands a Singapore LTVP should have the following documents:

  • A copy of your passport’s data page
  • Disembarkation or Embarkation card
  • A recent photograph in line with the Singapore photo necessities

Further documents needed based on the determination of travel:

  • For husband or wife:
    • Wedding certificate
    • Educational documents
    • Divorce documentation
    • A Letter of Long-Term Visit Pass Eligibility (LLE) (If appropriate)
  • For a dependent child:
    • Birth Credential
    • Parent’s separation or guardianship papers (if appropriate)
  • For the parent of Singapore national or permanent resident:
    • Birth certificate of children
    • Adoption papers (if appropriate)
  • For an overseas graduate looking for employment in Singapore: Academic certificates.
  • Mother or Grandmother of Student Pass holder:
    • Wedding certificate
    • Divorce documentation or guardianship documents (if appropriate)
    • The Student Pass owner’s passport
    • Pass Card of the student
    • For mother: Children’s birth credential
    • For grandmother: Children’s birth documentation and birth credentials of his or her parents
  • Overseas tourist wishing to give birth in Singapore:
    • Wedding certificate
    • A letter from a local doctor notifying about the mother’s due date and other medical conditions
    • A letter from the mother’s consulate confirming that the child will get the mother’s citizenship as well as a legal passport

Documents needed from the Singapore National or Permanent Resident:

  • ID Card
  • Income Tax payment documents for the last two years
  • Central Provident Fund (CPF) Statement for the previous 12 months
  • The employment letter from the company which states the starting date, designation, and monthly wage
  • If self-employed:
    • Legal registration certificate delivered from the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA)
    • The company’s Revenue and Loss Statement for the last 12 months

Appealing at the MOM: The documents you and your household members have to provide when petitioning for the Long-Term Visit Pass at the Ministry of Manpower:

  • For common-law partners (one of the resulting):
    • A photocopy of your common-law certificate
    • A formal letter from the consulate office which informs that you and your common-lawn partner are measured to be in a relationship under their guidelines
    • A certified affidavit from you affirming that you and your partner are in a common-law relationship under your home nation’s guidelines
  • Stepchildren below 21 years old:
    • A photocopy children’s guardianship
    • A letter validating the other parent does not have an objection to the child coming to Singapore
    • Confirmation of vaccination necessities delivered by the Health Promotion Board if your child is below 12 years old
  • Dependent children over 21 years old: A formal letter or report from a doctor in regards to the children’s condition
  • Parents: Your birth documentation which shows your parent’s names

How to Apply

Dependent on the category of LTVP that you succeed for, you have to appeal at a suitable location because various authorities are in charge of handling the appeal for Long Term Visit Pass.

If you meet the requirements for the LTVP provided by the ICA: To conform an appeal for a Long-Term Visit Pass, you require a Singapore national or permanent resident who has a SingPass account. They help as a sponsor and appeal to SingPass. You have to compensate for a S$30 non-returnable processing charge via a legal credit or debit card (Visa or MasterCard, AMEX credit card or Internet Direct Debit). After that, you have to hold for the LTVP to be handled, which usually takes around six weeks. Throughout this period, the ICA may communicate with you and your sponsor for additional documents or invite you to appear in an interview.

If you meet the requirements for the LTVP provided by the MOM: If you are an overseas employee who is in Singapore with an EP or S Pass, you cannot appeal for your household members’ LTVP yourself. As an alternative, your company or chosen employment agency (EA) has to lodge the appeal on behalf of you at EP Online (accessible at MOM’s web portal). Then they have to submit the needed documents and compensate a processing Fee of S$105. They should submit an appeal for each household member separately. The request is generally handled within three weeks. If the application is approved, your family members will get an IPA letter that can be used to enter Singapore. After your household member travels to Singapore, you have to appeal for their LTVP together, via EP Online. You should pay an additional charge of S$225 for each of the Passes. You will get a notice letter, which permits your household member to travel in and out of Singapore while the Pass Card is being processed. It also grips info on whether they require to get their photo and fingerprints taken.


You can renew Singapore Long-Term Visit Pass:

  • If you wish to continue an LTVP delivered by the ICA, you have to do it a minimum of ten days prior to your present one ends
  • If you want to renew an LTVP provided by the MOM, you should do it a maximum of six months prior to it ends

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