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Mid-skilled workforces in a company, such as operators, accountants, or reporters require the S Pass for Singapore. Singapore's Ministry of Manpower (MOM) is the responsibility of providing and managing all work pass claims.

Singapore provides diverse kinds of work passes and permits, reliant on the overseas employee’s experiences and profession. Mid-skilled workforces in a company, such as operators, accountants, or reporters, require the S Pass for Singapore. Singapore’s Ministry of Manpower (MOM) is the responsibility of providing and managing all work pass claims.

Who is Qualified?

You are qualified to appeal for the S Pass for Singapore if you accomplish the following settings:

  • You are a mid-skilled employee
  • You have got a job in Singapore
  • You will be remunerated a fixed monthly salary of a minimum of S$2,300. It increases with high experiences
  • You have appropriate experiences
  • You have related work knowledge

S Pass Application Procedures

The procedure of obtaining S Pass is classified into three parts. Your company or a selected Employment Agency is the responsibility of managing most of the appeal.

Submitting the appeal for the S Pass: The S Pass application procedure is as follows:

  • A consent letter affirming that you agree to be employed by the company and you approve them to apply on your behalf
  • Your company signs in EP Online and complete the S Pass Appeal Form
  • You employer attach all the documents needed for the S Pass
  • The company pay the S Pass application fee (S$75)
  • If your appeal is approved, they will get an In-Principle Approval (IPA) letter. Your company should give the IPA letter to you. The letter:
    • Permits you to arrive Singapore
    • Notifies you whether you require to undergo a medical test or not
    • Any extra documents you may require to submit

The S Pass appeal processing time is about three weeks. Afterward, you obtain your IPA letter, you have 60 days to arrive in Singapore.

Needed documents when applying for the S Pass: When your company submits the appeal for your S Pass, the documents they have to provide are:

  • The finalized S Pass Application Form
  • Your consent letter
  • A copy of your valid passport’s  biodata sheet
  • Photocopy of your wedding certificate (if applicable)
  • The newest business profile of the employer
  • Photocopies of your certificates. You may be requested to deliver verification for your educational certificates
  • Registration from a Registration Agency, Professional Body, or Accreditation Agency. The specialized accountable for issuing supporting documents by occupation are:
    • Singapore Medical Council
    • Singapore Dental Council
    • Allied Health Professions Council
    • Singapore Nursing Board
    • Singapore Pharmacy Council
    • Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners Board
    • Legal Services Regulatory Authority
    • Sport Singapore
  • If your employer is the representative of the Singapore branch of a foreign company:
    • A photocopy of the approval letter that International Enterprise Singapore provided permitting the company to set up a representative office in Singapore
    • A letter from the company’s headquarters which explains the reason for the recruitment
  • If applicable a copy of the license provided by the Singapore Food Agency (SFA)

Getting the S Pass issued: The procedure of appealing to get the S Pass issued is as follows:

  • Your company appeals for the issuance of the pass via EP Online
  • They submit required documents
  • They must submit the communication info of up to three persons who can take your S Pass Card
  • They compensate the S Pass charge (S$100)
  • The employer will get a notification letter, which they should give to you. The letter:
    • Permits you to arrive and leave Singapore
    • Notifies you if you have to register your photograph and fingerprints

Needed documents when getting the S Pass issued: When your company appeals to get your S Pass issued, they will require to submit the following:

  • The details of your valid passport
  • Particulars of your medical insurance coverage (at least S$15,000 per year and covering hospitalization and surgical procedure)
  • Particulars of your work wound compensation insurance
  • Specifics about your Short-Term Visit Pass or immigration pass
  • The address of your house in Singapore
  • An address where MOM can send your S Pass Card
  • Disembarkation or Embarkation card
  • A form verifying you have accomplished the medical test (if applicable)

Registering your photograph and fingerprints: You should register your photograph and fingerprints if you are appealing for the S Pass for the first time or if it has been five years since the last time you registered. When you go for the register, you should have the following documents:

  • Valid passport
  • The appointment letter provided by the employer
  • The notification letter received from MOM
  • Further documents that were comprised in the IPA and notification letter

S Pass charge and S Pass allocation

S Pass allocation: The S Pass allocation signifies that there is a certain percentage of overseas workforces your company can recruit in their corporation in quantity with the local employees. The local workforce denotes to the Singapore nationals and permanent residents they have hired. The S Pass allocation is:

  • In the services area: no extra than 15% of the company’s total staff can be overseas employees
  • Other areas: no additional than 20% of the company’s total staff can be overseas employees

S Pass charge: A company that recruits S Pass owners also has to compensate for a monthly fee for them. The cost is also planned based on the percentage of overseas employees an employer has.

  • If the overseas workforces make up 10% of the total staff, the monthly charge rate is S$330 per worker
  • If the overseas employees make up from 10% to 20% of the total staff, the monthly charge rate is S$650 per worker

Bringing Family Members to Singapore with an S Pass

All owners are permitted to bring their household members with them to Singapore. Reliant on your affiliation, you can bring them via:

  • The Dependent’s Pass, which is offered to:
    • Your spouse
    • Child below 21 years old and must be unmarried
  • The Long-Term Visa Pass (LTVP), which is provided to:
    • Your common-law spouse
    • A child over 21 years old who is physically or mentally handicap which makes them dependent on you.
    • Step-child below 21 years old and must be unmarried
    • Your parents

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