Singapore Training Employment Pass


An overseas citizen who wishes to work as an intern or apprentice, will require a Singapore internship visa. It is generally called a Training Employment Pass. The Singapore Training Employment Pass permits overseas citizens to start practical training for a specialized, executive, managerial, or expert position in a Singapore company. But you have to be qualified to accomplish certain circumstances before you can meet the requirements for this kind of Pass. The Ministry of Manpower is responsible for issuing the Training Employment Pass.

Who Meet the Requirements for the Training Employment Pass?

In demand to meet the requirements for the Training Employment Pass, you should be either:

  • A student
  • An apprentice from an overseas workplace or subsidiary company who wishes to experience training in a Singapore company

In adding, you should also accomplish the following necessities:

  • The monthly income should be at least S$3,000
  • The company sponsoring you has to be a well-recognized and Singapore-listed company
  • If you are a student, the training has to be the portion of your course of study

How to Get

It is the employer in Singapore who must apply for your Training Employment Pass. The procedure of gaining a TEP is categorized into three parts:

Appealing for the Training Employment Pass: The employer can petition for the Training Employment Pass online, but you will have to provide them a Consent Letter, affirming that you agree to your employer submitting the appeal on behalf of you. At that point, your employer has to:

  • Log in to EP Online, MOM’s online application system.
  • Affix all the needed documents
  • Compensate for the Training Employment Pass appeal processing charge (S$105)
  • If the request is permitted the employer should print the In-Principle Approval (IPA) letter and give it to you

Needed documents for the Training Employment Pass: The employer should also affix various documents, such as:

  • Copies of your valid passport’s biodata sheet
  • Current passport size photograph meeting the Singapore photo necessities
  • Details of an inclusive training package
  • Your educational certificates and mark sheets
  • An official letter from your school affirming that this training is share of your study course
  • Authentication for your educational certificates and documents. You can validate them via Dataflow or alternative global verification agency
  • Letter of Support from a Registration Agency, Specialized Body, or Endorsement Agency

Appealing for the Pass to be issued: After arriving in Singapore with the IPA letter, your employer can petition to get your Pass issued. This procedure is also completed online. Your employer has to:

  • Log in to EP Online and appeal to issue the Pass
  • Provide all the needed documents
  • Compensate for the Pass cost (S$225). There might be extra charges, such as a S$30 Multiple Entrance Visa fee
  • Afterward, the Pass is issued, print the notification letter, and it serves the following:
    • Permits you to arrive in and out of Singapore while you wait for your Pass Card
    • Notifies you whether you have to register your fingerprints and photo

Required documents: In adding, the documents you will require when your employer appeals to get the Pass issued are:

  • Your existing Short-Term Visit Pass
  • Evidence of your housing in Singapore
  • The address where the MOM can send your Pass Card
  • Your Disembarkation or Embarkation card
  • Evidence you have finished medical tests

Registering your fingerprints and photos: If your notification letter affirms that you have to register your photos and fingerprints, you should do it in two weeks of entering Singapore. When you appeal on the appointment day, you should carry the following documents:

  • Your valid passport
  • The appointment letter from the employer
  • The notification letter from the MOM
  • Any additional documents that were specified on your notification and IPA letters

The Legitimacy and Renewal

A Singapore Training Employment Pass is legal for a maximum of three months, and it cannot be renewed. Your employer has to withdraw your Pass one day afterward it ends or inside one week of you working your last day in the company.

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