Work Permit for Overseas Employees in Singapore


Singapore provides diverse kinds of work passes and permits for overseas employees, reliant on the worker’s ability and experiences. The Singapore Work Permit for overseas workforces is accessible to citizens from certain nations who want to get employed in the ensuing sectors:


Marine shipyard.






The Singapore Work Permit for overseas employees in the areas described above is legal for a maximum of two years, and it can be renewed. There are diverse necessities dependent on the sector you wish to work in.

Who can Appeal?

Only citizens from specific nations can appeal to this kind of Singapore Work Permit. The qualified nations vary dependent on the particular area.

Structure, Marine dockyard, and Manufacturing sectors: You can only obtain a Singapore Work Permit for overseas employees in the structure, marine dockyard, and manufacturing sectors if you are from one of the following nations.


Hong Kong**





People’s Republic of China (PRC)


South Korea

Sri Lanka



** You should have a Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Passport (HKSAR)

Manufacturing and Services sectors: You can only obtain a Singapore Work Permit for overseas employees in the manufacturing and the services sectors if you are from one of the following nations.

Hong Kong**



People’s Republic of China (PRC)

South Korea


** You should have a Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Passport (HKSAR)

Settings for Work Permit in Singapore

Everyone who wishes to go to Singapore as an overseas employee requires to fulfill the Singapore Work Permit settings.

Settings for the overseas employee:

  • Can only work for the company that is specified on the Work Permit Card
  • Cannot begin your own business or Work in any other profession
  • The overseas employee can only reside in the address that is firstly specified. If you change your address, you should inform your company, who should update the Ministry of Manpower (MOM)
  • You should have the Work Permit Card with you at all times
  • Except the MOM has permitted, you cannot get married a Singaporean national or permanent resident
  • Cannot deliver a baby or get pregnant while on a Work Permit except you are wedded to a Singapore national or permanent resident with the permission of MOM
  • You should get a medical test by a Singapore-listed doctor prior you begin employment

Settings for the employer: Your employer should fulfill the resulting parameters:

  • Compensate you the fixed monthly salary that they notified the MOM they would
  • They should ensure that you have suitable living housing
  • They should provide you medical insurance covering the following:
    • At least $15,000 per year
    • Hospitalization and surgical procedure, even if the condition is not work-related
  • They must pay the monthly overseas employee charge
  • They should get a security bond for you and all other overseas employees, except the employee is Malaysian. If the foreign employees do not obey the instructions, the company has to pay a S$5,000 fine
  • The employer cannot get any financial gains or benefits concerning your employment
  • They must cancel your Work Permit in seven days after your employment expires
  • They have to compensate for your return


When your company submits your Singapore Work Permit appeal, they should have various supportive documents. These contain:

  • Copy of your valid passport of biodata sheet
  • Copy of your Educational Certificates
  • If the company has never recruited overseas employees previously:
    • A copy of their business’ profile from ACRA
    • A copy of the business’ three most current monthly CPF Contribution Declarations
    • If they are a food establishment, a copy of the Food Establishment Authorization

Methods of Applying

The company should apply for a Work Permit for an overseas employee. The appeal procedure is as follows:

Appealing for the Work Permit: When your company appeals for your Work Permit, you do not have to be in Singapore. But you should give them a written consent letter. This provides authorization to the company to appeal on your behalf and manages any arguments that may arise in the future. Then, your company must:

  • Log in to WP Online (MOM’s online application tool) to complete your appeal form
  • Compensate the Work Permit processing charge (S$35)
  • If the request is acknowledged: They must print the In-Principle Approval (IPA) letter, which permits you to arrive in Singapore.

Appealing for the Work Permit to be issued: Prior to your company appeals to get your Work Permit delivered, they require to get medical insurance for you as well as a security bond. You need to be in Singapore for this share of the application procedure. The procedure goes as follows:

  • The company lists your address and phone number through MOM’s Online Overseas employee Address Service (OFWAS)
  • They log in to MOM’s WP Online to appeal the issuance of the Work Permit
  • They should offer an address where you can receive your Work Permit Card
  • They compensate extra S$35 charge for the Card to be issued
  • They print the notification letter, which:
    • Permits you to arrive in and depart from Singapore until you obtain your Work Permit Card
    • Notifies you whether you require to register your photo and fingerprints

Registering your picture and fingerprints: You should make an appointment via the MOM web portal earlier. You have to take the resulting documents when you go to your appointment:

  • Your valid passport
  • The appointment letter
  • The notification letter
  • Any additional documents that were specified in the notification letter

Work Permit for Overseas employee Charge and Allocation

All Singapore companies who are recruiting an overseas employee on a Work Permit are subject to an overseas employee charge and allocation. This signifies that there are limitations regarding the number of overseas employees they can recruit, and the company should pay a monthly cost for each of them. The monthly overseas employee charge rate can be between S$300 to S$700.

Overseas Employee Charge Waiver

The company can appeal for an overseas employee charge waiver in the ensuing cases:

  • The employee is on an overseas or hospital leave for a minimum of 7 days in a row
  • The staff does not come back to their job after the vacation is over
  • The employee has been detained
  • The employee has got Singapore Permanent Residency
  • If the employee is Malaysian
  • If the employee is in the harbor-craft industry

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