Qatar Business Visa


Qatar has the world’s uppermost per capita income. Correspondingly, it is one of the international business hot spots. And, therefore visited by many companies for various business determinations. Still, unlike the tourist visa, with Qatar business visa, extra necessities apply.

Categories of Business Visa

The available business visas are 30 days and 90 days of business visas. Both are a single-entrance kind of permits. Signifying, you might use the permit only once to arrive in the country and cannot use it to reach in Qatar for a second time. So, you require to appeal to a new business visa when you want to visit once more.

Qatar 30 days business visa: Idyllic for business visits not more than 30 days, this visa has a legitimacy of up to 3 months.

Qatar 90 days business visa: Distinct to the 30 days business visa, the 90 days Qatar business visa is appropriate for stay periods more than 30 days. Apart from the stay period, it is comparable to the former kind of permit.

Business Visa Fees

Visa Type

Visa Fee


Total Cost

30 Days Business Visa

Qatari Riyal 500


Qatari Riyal 530

90 Days Business Visa

Qatari Riyal 1042


Qatari Riyal 1046

Business Visa Necessities

  • Passport
    • Original and valid passport
    • Scanned Copy of the bio and last pages of your passport
    • The legitimacy of the passport should be a minimum of months from the time of arrival
  • Passport-sized photo
    • The photograph should be captured against a grey background
    • It should be of 38 mm x 48 mm sizes
    • The face should cover 80% of the photo (34 mm x 38 mm)
    • Wearing headgears is discouraged
    • In the case of religious headgear, confirm the face is observable from the lower tip of the chin to the forehead
    • The eyes should be visible
  •  Cover letter
    • The cover letter should be provided by the company you represent
    • It should provide details, i.e. your name, designation, pay grade, etc.
  • Invitation letter
    • An invitation letter provided by the host company based in Qatar
    • The letter should provide the determination, period of your stay
    • It should also involve the details of your housing and contact info
  • Flight itineraries
    • Confirmed round-trip, on toward, or return itineraries
  • Evidence of adequate funds
    • Bank statement for the last three months
  • Travel itinerary with evidence of travel arrangement

How to Appeal

Step 1: Select the visa category, country, and other necessary particulars. On clicking the ‘Get Visa’ button, you will be sent to the visa page of the nation.

Step 2: Fill in the necessary particulars like your name, possible travel date, number of candidates, etc.

Step 3: Make the payment initiate visa processing. And, obtain the complete visa fee as cashback even before the processing starts.

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