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You must get a Qatar visit visa when you are scheduling to stay with your family member(s) or friend residing in Qatar rather than a hotel. Comparable to a Qatar tourist visa, a visit visa is a class in itself as the determination is not only associated with tourism. Qatar is fast-growing as a favored tourist destination.

Qatar Visit Visa vs Qatar Tourist Visa

Often, there is a tinny line that distinguishes a visit visa from the tourist visa. It is the circumstance that the latter is for tourism determination where you will be staying in a hotel throughout your visit. At the same time, as a visit visa is just when you pick to stay with a friend or relative living in Qatar.

When Would You Need a Visit Visa?

When scheduling to visit family member(s) or friend(s) residing in Qatar, you may appeal for a single-entrance visit visa or tourist visa, which enables you a stay period of one month. Still, for stay periods more than a month, you should understand that certain conditions apply.

For visiting immediate family member(s): The visa may be prolonged for five months in the case of an immediate family member(s). In the scenario of a spouse, children, it may be extended to a period of six months.

For visiting second-degree family member(s): On the conflicting for visiting second-degree family member(s), one may extend just for two months.

Necessities for Qatar Visit Visa or Tourist Visa

The following are the list of needed documents:

  • Photocopy of the bio page and last pages of your valid passport with a legitimacy of six months from the day of arrival in Qatar
  • The passport-sized photograph should be taken against a blue background. It should be of the dimension 38 mm x 48 mm
  • Round-trip, on toward, or return journey tickets (confirmed)
  • Proof of accommodation
  • Proof of sufficient funds
  • Last three months bank statement
  • Travel itinerary

Methods of Applying

While it is convenient and straightforward to appeal for a visit visa or tourist visa online, one might apply for a visit visa offline as well.

Qatar visit visa application online

  • Visit
  • Select the country and visa type, or CLICK HERE
  • Compensate Qatari Rial 25 as the initial registration fee and get a 100% cashback on the Qatar visa fee
  • Upload the documents requested by our visa expert
  • Receive the visa in six working days

Qatar visit visa offline application process

  • Download the APPLICATION FORM
  • Attach the needed documents to the duly filled appeal form
  • When visiting spouse, attested marriage certificate
  • A letter from the husband’s employer stating profession and salary

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