Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR)

United Kingdom

ILR is also named a UK Settlement Visa is a paper that verifies its holder has been approved with the immigration status afterwards he or she has lived in the United Kingdom for a precise period under a temporary permit and has revealed obligation to the UK. The immigration status is approved only to persons with no right of abode in the UK Kingdom.

Who Can Appeal?

The UK Home Office provides only precise groups of individuals with the ILR. These groups should accomplish several standards, as well as having lawfully lived within the UK for a specific period. Based on the kind of visa one has arrived in the UK and the period they have lived, the following groups meet the requirements to appeal for an ILR:


Duration of stay in the UK

Spouses under a wedding visa

Five years (if the visa has been delivered after the 9th of July 2012)

Ancestry visa owners

Five years

Work permit owners

Five years

Owners of any UK visa

Ten years


Continuous five years

Writers, Composers or Artists

Continuous five years

Retired persons of independent means

Continuous five years

Expatriates and people who have entered the UK under humanitarian protection


Persons Unqualified for ILR

Some issues may reject this individual from being qualified to apply and get an Indefinite Leave to Remain. Following, find the core causes why one may become unqualified for settling in the UK:

  • The candidate has consumed a long duration outside the UK during these five years
  • The claimant has been unsuccessful to pay taxes (mainly if the person has been living in the UK with a Tier 1 General Visa)
  • The candidate has submitted his appeal earlier than permitted (without satisfying the needed duration of time for application)
  • The applicant has failed to provide the documents essential
  • The candidate has an unlawful immigration history
  • Illegal activities can also cause delays for at least two years

ILR Appeal Form

In demand to appeal for an ILR, you will have to accomplish one of the current forms, SET M or SET O form, dependent on the sort of visa under which you have been living in the UK during the past years. When finishing any of the forms, you are sturdily recommended to use a black ink pen, and write the names, addresses and other particulars all in capital letters. Make available all the necessary information, as well as the Personal History section.

Financial Necessities

You will have to provide proof that you come across the related financial necessity of £18,600. For this obligation, the income you obtain from the following will be calculated:

  • Earnings from your sponsor
  • The wage you get in the UK
  • National or private pensions of you and your sponsor
  • Cash reserves over £16,000

Required Documents

You will also have to submit some mandatory documents when applying for an ILR as follows:

  • Photos: Submit two alike passport size photos with your full name written on the back of both
  • Original documents
  • Translations of each paper that is not in either English or Welsh
  • Photocopies of the passport of the first and last page with your particulars and also the pages that cover visas or immigration stamps
  • Evidence of English Language proficiency
  • Knowledge of living style in the UK

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