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United Kingdom

After getting approved for the UK, visa signifies that your entrance and your stay for a particular duration in the UK are sure. This also requires that your returning to your home nation should happen early enough prior to your current entrance visa period ends. In other situations, then that, you should make a supplementary visa appeal, over which you will need staying in the UK for an extended period, outside that given by your existing visa. Naturally, the extra period of stay should come as essential for the same determination you needed to enter the nation of the UK. So far, there are exclusions as some UK entrance visa categories permit the bearer to alter into another visa kinds. It involves further necessities and measures. When you wish to stay extended in the UK, outside the current entrance visa duration, you will be requested to appeal to obtain a temporary visa identified as leave to remain. With a leave to remain, as different to an entrance visa, you are permitted to entail a new period of stay in the UK. This procedure is recognized as leave to remain or visa extension.

Which Visas Can Be Extended

Approximately all the UK visa categories have an opportunity for extension. Though, the individual has to assure not to fail to obey with particular conditions and of necessities. The law excludes Tier 5 Youth Movement Scheme visa, as this visa category cannot be extended more. The highest period one can stay in the UK with an entrance visa in this class is two years, and if they want to remain extended in the UK, they should go back to their home nation and apply again. Similarly, a Turkish Worker duration of visa cannot be extended more. The owners of this visa should go back to the home country at the end of the visa duration.

Necessities for Extension of a Leave to Remain

When you choose to apply for an extension, you should ensure that you obey with several conditions:

  • You should need an extension in the same visa category you presently have
  • You must apply for an extension a minimum of eight weeks prior to the current visa period expires
  • You should not have been part of any illegal activity, or you should not have broken any UK law or Immigration rule during the whole period of stay in the UK
  • You have to give the biometric info, such as the fingerprints and new photos for yourself and any depended on when applying for the extension
  • You should not have been in breach of immigration rules while having a legal UK visa

Note: You can remain in the UK until the decision about the extension is taken, but only if you have applied inside the visa duration.

Required Documents

Needed documents to apply for an extension are resulting:

  • An accordingly finalized appeal form for the visa extension (of the specific visa you desire to extend)
  • Birth certificate of the children (if an applying with you as your dependent)
  • Marriage certificate (if a family associate applying with you as your dependent)
  • All educational documents
  • Papers you have applied to obtain your leave to remain
  • The current passport
  • Evidence of having sufficient funds for yourself and any dependent
  • The Academic Technology Approval Scheme (ATAS) credential (if applicable)
  • The Police Registration Certificate (If needed)
  • Tuberculosis checkup results (if needed)
  • Two newly taken photos meeting UK visa photo requirements
  • Compensated healthcare surcharge (if needed)

How to Apply

You can apply from inside or out of the UK when demanding for your visa duration to be extended.

When in the UK you can either:

  • Apply online via normal, priority service
  • Apply in person at the premium facility Centre to gain the same-day result on your appeal

When outside of the UK:

  • Forward the application file by the post office to the address written in the appeal form

The Duration of the Visa Extension

You will be permitted to obtain an extension of your leave to remain for remaining lengthier in the UK based on your conditions and your capability to deal with the appeal necessities. But there is a border as regards of the highest period a visa extension can be offered. This maximum period permissible for any visa category is presented as in the following:

  • Tier 1 Entrepreneur: Maximum two years
  • Tier 1 Exceptional Talent: Maximum five years
  • Tier 2 Sportsperson: Maximum three years and 14 days
  • Tier 5 Temporary Worker (Charity Worker): Maximum one year, or two weeks after the end of the period of the certificate of sponsorship
  • Tier 5 (Creative and Athletic)
    • Creative employee: Maximum one year, or two weeks after the end of the period of the certificate of sponsorship, the time needed to extend the stay up to 2 years
    • Athlete: Maximum one year, or two weeks after the end of the period of the certificate of sponsorship
  • Tier 5 (Temporary Worker: Government Approved Exchange)
  • Tier 5 (Temporary Worker-International Agreement): With some exceptions, this visa can be extended up to 6 years
  • Tier 5 (Temporary Worker-Religious Worker): Maximum 2 years, or two weeks following the end of the period of the certificate of sponsorship
  • For a UK work permit
  • For participating in a training, for research purpose, for a foreign government language program: two years the most, or, two weeks following the end of the certificate of sponsorship
  • A Turkish Businessperson Visa: Maximum three years (if working in the similar business) and if missing to have the complete documents for extension up to 1 year, with an opportunity to reapply by the end of that year
  • UK Ancestry Visa: Maximum 5 other years

How Long Until the Appeal is Processed

The result on your visa extension appeal is generally declared within the resulting timeframe:

  • Eight weeks: For an appeal done from inside the UK
  • Three weeks: For an appeal done from out of the UK
  • On the appeal day: If applying via premium facilities

This duration can be lengthier in some exceptional situations, such as your application file requires for more verification; there is a case of claimant’s involvement in criminal, or the candidate is needed to attend an interview concerning their appeal, and so on.

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