Surinder Singh Route Pass for UK

United Kingdom

This pass is an EEA Residence Permit that lets UK nationals that resided in an EEA nation to return in the UK and bring their non-EEA family associates with whom they have stayed in an EEA country. The route is only appropriate to British nationals whose aim for living elsewhere in EEA zone was to build up or to fortify their family life.

How Can a Sponsor Meet the Necessities for the Surinder Singh Route

Your British family associate is qualified to sponsor you for applying for an EEA Family Permit only if their situation is as follows:

  • Held British nationality since before they have returned to the UK from another EEA state
  • Was a competent individual or was enjoying treaty rights in such foreign EEA nation
  • Was united in the EEA country. This takes account of sponsor’s time spent in the overseas EEA state nation
  • Was or is a competent individual in the UK which takes account of sponsor’s time spent in the UK since their return here
  • Has reasonable employment projections which apply if the sponsor is unemployed, and only in specific cases

Admissibility Standards

You will be competent for an EEA Residence Permit under Surinder Singh route if your condition is as follows:

  • You have resided with the British national even prior to returning here
  • You have been staying with a British national in the UK ever since they have returned to the UK
  • Living in an overseas EEA country was not to avoid UK Immigration laws

Surinder Singh Route Necessities

The result whether to grant you an EEA Family Permit under Surinder Singh route is reserved based on the indications you will provide.  The Homebased Office over such proofs inspects the truth of the information you have provided and your admissibility to get the card.

Your appeal for an EEA Family Permit is based on proofs you provide for the following matters:

  • Your citizenship and identity and of your sponsor
  • The position of your sponsor in the overseas EEA nation and the UK
  • Your connection with the sponsor
  • The motive for having lived in an EEA nation

Documents to apply for an EEA Permit under Surinder Singh route are the following:

  • A duly finished EEA Residence Permit appeal form
  • Legal citizenship and identity proofs
  • Proof of your connection with the sponsor
  • Indications that your sponsor was a competent individual in a different EEA nation right before returning to the UK
    • Evidence of employment in such an EEA nation
    • Evidence of having gotten the right to permanent residence
  • Proof that you have stayed in the UK
  • Proofs of residence and integration in the new EEA nation. (a minimum of three from the following proofs).
    • Bank declarations displaying payments
    • Loan or mortgage contract
    • Utility bills
    • Proof of additional family associates having lived or still living in another the EEA nation
    • Skill in the language of the overseas EEA nation
    • Formal Letter from the education provider in an overseas EEA nation
    • Specialized or academic experiences received in an overseas EEA state
    • Association contract with any local community in the foreign EEA country
    • Certificate of birth of a child
  • Your whole UK residence and immigration titles obtained
  • Proof of all journeys to the EEA nation and the UK from there
    • Travel itinerary of all journeys
    • An index of all such travels
  • Proof of your financial dependence on the sponsor
    • Bank declarations of the candidate showing transfers of money made by the sponsor
    • Money receipts from the sponsor
    • Bank declarations of the sponsor
    • Proof of funds of the sponsor
  • Proof that you have lived in the same house with the sponsor

Demonstrating Features for Assessing the Integration Level in the Overseas EEA Country

Here are the itemized aspects upon which your integration level in an abroad EEA nation is assessed:

  • Whether you and the guarantor have any child born in the overseas EEA nation
  • Your children have stayed with you in such nation and their enrollment in educations
  • Whether you have family associates residing even now in that nation
  • Yours and guarantor’s key doings in the overseas state
  • Your conducts of integration in the local life there

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