Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Visa for UK

United Kingdom

Who Can Appeal

To be qualified to obtain a Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Visa, you will require to be recommended as a leader or evolving leader in one of the resulting fields:

  • Science
  • Engineering
  • Humanities
  • Medicine
  • Digital Technology
  • The Arts
  • Fashion
  • Architecture
  • The film, Media and Television

How to Apply

In demand to obtain a UK Exceptional Talent Visa, you will require to finish some core methods. The appeal procedure for a UK Exceptional Talent Visa covers of the ensuing steps:

Appeal for endorsement: The petition can be done online at the web portal of the UK Home Office. You will also require to pay a cost for endorsement.

Finish the appeal form online: The appeal form is obtainable at the web portal of the UK government. It comprises queries on your identification, previous tour to the UK or any place in the world, and your next planned journey to the UK.

Compensate for the visa cost online: The UK visa processing cost rests on your citizenship.

Compensate the health surcharge online: Dependent on your age, citizenship and the visa category you are appealing for will require to compensate a health surcharge amid £800 and £1,400.

Take a tuberculosis checkup: The citizens of some nations require to take this test. 

Give your biometric information: You will require to submit fingerprints and facial photo at either the UK embassy in your nation of residence or a visa appeal centre on behalf of the UK.

Submit the rest of the needed documents: Along with the endorsement letter, which is the primary document for a UK Exceptional Talent Visa appeal, there are additional documents mandatory. Find an index of the required documents to appeal for a UK Exceptional Talent Visa:

  • Legal Passport with a minimum of one empty page
  • A printed copy of your endorsement letter
  • Tuberculosis test reports, if appropriate
  • Proficient translation of documents that are not in English or Welsh

Remember that conferring to your state and the nation you are appealing from; you might require to submit additional documents.

Endorsement for a UK Exceptional Talent Visa

To be recommended as a known leader or an evolving leader, you will require to appeal online at the UK Home Office web portal. You can appeal for endorsement and a visa at a similar time, but you are highly suggested to apply for endorsement first. This because if you are forbidden from being endorsed, your visa appeal will also be turned down, and you cannot get back the endorsement and visa charges you compensated. Your endorsement appeal takes about eight weeks to be managed.

When to Apply

The initial you can apply for a Tier 1 UK Exceptional Talent Visa is three months prior to the day you plan to travel to the UK. Remember that you should appeal for your permit in three months of getting your letter of endorsement from the Home Office.

UK Exceptional Talent Visa Charges

The fees for obtaining a UK Exceptional Talent Visa contain the endorsement charge and the visa processing cost. The endorsement charge is £456 for all claimants. While the visa processing cost is £152 for all candidates, excluding for citizens of Turkey and North Macedonia who require to pay a lesser charge of £97.


With this visa, you can do numerous things in the UK, the core itemized below:

  • Can work for a company, as a director of a company or be self-employed
  • Can switch jobs without informing the Home Office
  • Can do unpaid work
  • Travel overseas and return to the UK
  • Allowed to bring family associates

But you are forbidden from receiving public funds, working as a doctor or dentist in training or working as a specialized athlete or sports trainer.

Bringing Family Associates

If you come to the UK with an Exceptional Talent Visa, you can carry with you more than a few family associates. The resulting meets the necessities:

  • Your legal life partner
  • Your child under 18 years old
  • Your kids over 18 years old if they are present in the UK as a dependent

You will have to compensate £608 for each dependent that you wish to bring with you. In adding, you will have to pay the health surcharge for each too.

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