Tier 2 Sportsperson/Athlete Visa for UK

United Kingdom

The UK Sportsperson or Athlete Visa is a UK Work Permit, under the UK Points Based System. It is a visa for overseas athletes who want to move to the UK and are sponsored by someone in the UK.

Who Can Appeal

You will be qualified to appeal for a UK Sportsperson visa if you come across all of the following circumstances:

  • Citizen of non-EEA and non-Swiss.
  • You are a leading athlete or a competent coach.
  • Your sport’s central body has identified you as being at the top level of your occupation globally.
  • Your sport’s central body is recommending your appeal.
  • Your service will advance your sport in the UK at the top level.
  • You come across the further admissibility necessities.

How to Apply

The appeal procedure to obtain a UK Sportsperson Visa is not complex, as it may sound. In detail, the application method contains some steps, which you require to finish. If you follow these stages in a particular order, you will have higher probabilities to gain a positive response on your petition. Find a step-by-step direction on how to apply:

  • Obtain a certificate of sponsorship. You must achieve this certificate from the central body recommending your appeal.
  • Complete the appeal form online at the UK Government web portal.
  • Compensate the charge for your visa appeal.
  • Take a medical checkup for tuberculosis (if applicable)
  • Give your biometrics information (fingerprints and facial photo) at a visa appeal center.
  • Submit the rest of the needed documents.

When to Apply

You are allowed to apply for a UK Sportsperson visa for a maximum of three months before your planned journey to the UK. But the latest you can appeal is three weeks prior to your date of leaving to the UK, due to the visa managing times.

Required Documents

A very vital portion of your visa appeal is gathering the needed documents for a UK Sportsperson Visa. These documents are essential for a positive reply on your petition. The necessary documents for a UK Sportsperson Visa are as follows:

  • Legal Passport. Ensure your passport has at least one empty page for the visa stamp.
  • Credential of the Sponsorship reference number. This electronic document embraces your particulars and info on the job you have been proposed. You can use your certificate only once.
  • Evidence of English capability. 
  • Evidence that you have sufficient funds.
  • Travel record of the last five years
  • Tuberculosis checkup results if you are from a nation where tuberculosis is common.
  • Proficient translations in documents that are not in English or Welsh.

Dependent on your citizenship and situation, you will have to submit extra documents.

Evidence of Funds

You will require to have at least of £945 in your bank account for three months before you appeal for a UK visa. You will be exempted from this obligation only if you have a fully permitted (‘A-rated’) sponsor who has settled to give you a minimum of £945 to cover your expenses for your first month in the UK. Those bearing a Tier 2 visa and applying from within the UK are excused from this condition as well.

UK Sports Visa Charges

The visa application charge for a UK Sportsperson Visa is £610. But, if you are a citizen of Turkey and North Macedonia, you require to pay a lower cost of £555. For each dependent, you will expect to pay an extra charge of £610.

Permitted to Do with a UK Sportsperson Visa

As a regulation, there are precise things that you can do with a UK Sportsperson visa. The key things you can do in the UK with this visa are:

  • Work for your guarantor.
  • Get employed in a second job in some particular conditions, as well as working as a sports news presenter, or undertaking voluntary work.
  • Play for your state team in the UK.
  • Study.
  • Travel overseas and then return to the UK.
  • Bring your close family associates to the UK.

Not Permitted to Do with a UK Sportsperson Visa

There are things that you cannot do, as receiving public funds, opening or running a business.

Bringing Family Associates

If you own a UK Sportsperson Visa, you can appeal to bring your family members over as your dependents. The ensuing family associates meet the requirements:

  • your spouse
  • your child under 18 years old
  • your child over 18 years old if they are present in the UK as a dependent

You also should show evidence that you have an extra £630 for every dependent you wish to bring to the UK.

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