Turkish Entrepreneur Visa for UK

United Kingdom

The UK Turkish Entrepreneur Visa is a UK Business and Work visa formed just for Turkish citizens. The UK Turkish Entrepreneur Visa allows you to remain in the UK for one year. You are allowed to appeal for extending your stay for an extra three years. You can also bring your family associates with you as your dependents.

Who Can Apply

The key standard for appealing for a UK Turkish Entrepreneur Visa is to be a Turkish national. However, you will also require to encounter the rest of the remaining standards to be qualified. The main eligibility criteria to apply for a UK Businessperson Visa are as follows:

  • You should have enough funds to start your business or to pay the share of expenses running the business
  • Your portion of the earnings will be sufficient to support you and your family members

How to Apply

For a UK Turkish Entrepreneur visa, you require to finish some processes. First, you require to do is to apply via the website. You must apply at the official web portal of the UK government. Finishing this appeal is free of cost. The appeal form contains the following queries:

  • Applicant’s name & surname
  • Applicant’s place of birth and date
  • The nation of residence & citizenship
  • Queries about your parents
  • History of previous tours to the UK and other nations of the world
  • If you have done any criminalities in the past
  • The aim of travelling to the UK, etc.

You will also require to schedule an appointment at the visa appeal center in your nation. On the day of your appointment, submit the documents you have been mandatory to gather.

When to Apply

For a UK Turkish Entrepreneur visa, it is wise to apply within three months prior to the date of your journey to the UK.

Required Documents

A very significant portion of the appeal procedure for a UK Turkish Entrepreneur visa is assembling the essential documents. Grounded on these documents, the UK establishments will decide whether you come across the standards to receive such a permit, or not. The core needed documents for a UK Turkish Entrepreneur visa are as itemized below:

  • Your existing passport. Ensure that your passport is legal and has at least one empty page before you apply
  • Evidence that you have sufficient funds to support yourself and your family associates if any
  • Evidence of your living expenses. This could be a rental contract, loan agreement, utility bills, council tax declaration, bank account statements, or documents related to transfer of money to relatives overseas.
  • Evidence of state benefits you have obtained in the UK, if appropriate.
  • Tuberculosis checkup results. Turkish nationals do not require to submit such a document. But, if you have been lived in a nation the citizens of which require to provide these medical test results, you must too.

In adding, you will require to submit evidence for the business you desire to start or join. This contains:

  • The business strategies
  • Papers for your business sites
  • Partnership contracts
  • Proof of Insurance coverage
  • HM Revenue and Customs Documents
  • Experiences for running the business
  • Proof of your funds and investment in the business
  • Proof of financial support from a third party

Visa appeal center or UK Embassy in the nation from where you are applying, may request you to submit supplementary documents.

Visa Fee

For a UK Turkish Entrepreneur visa, you will not require to pay any visa charges.

Bringing Family Associates with a Turkish Entrepreneur Visa

If you are an owner of a UK Turkish Entrepreneur Visa, you can bring to the UK your spouse and your children under the age of 21. To apply, they should also provide the documents itemized below, aside from the regularly needed documents:

  • Evidence of your relationship
  • The evidence they will live with you permanently.
  • Evidence that you have sufficient fund to support yourself and your dependents throughout your stay.

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