UK Biometric Residence Permit (BRP)

United Kingdom

This Permit is a biometric document that normally is provided to all the outsiders who appeal to extend their existing visa, as well as to their dependents. It is the permission of the bearer’s right to stay, employed or enroll in an educational program in the UK, which can also be used as a form of ID. In adding, the applicant will have info taken for BRP when he or she applies for the permit, such as fingerprints and a digital photograph. The BRP will keep the applicant’s info such as:

  • Applicant’s name
  • Documentation of birth date and place
  • Digital photo and fingerprints
  • Info on their existing visa and associated conditions of stay
  • Info about the option to access federal funds,
  • National Insurance number (not all of them, however, reliant on applicant’s conditions).

BRP owners can use this document to disclose:

  • Info about their individuality
  • Their group of rights for employment or education
  • Level of access to public facilities
  • You can gain further comprehensive information about BRP in the detailed direction

Who Requires a Biometric Residence Permit?

Every overseas citizen outside the EEA who arrives in the UK under a long-term approval has to get a Biometric Residence permit in ten days of entrance in the UK. If the candidate has to get a BRP, it will be specified in his or her visa. Applicants who should apply for a BRP are the following:

  • Asked for a permit to live more than six months
  • Requested to extend their existing visa for more than six months
  • Applied for Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) (Settlement Permission). To learn more about transferring an ILR to a Biometric Residence permit, visit this article.
  • Moved their visa to a new passport
  • Applied to get certain travel documents from the Home Office

Biometric Info for BRP

Children below six years will only have to provide their facial image. Everybody over six years should provide their facial photograph and fingerprints too.  It is a lawful obligation for children below the age of 16 years old to have an ‘accountable adult’ to accompany them. If you are physically incapable of giving your biometric info, respectively your fingerprints because of physical infirmity (you have no fingers or hands), you will be listed in the database as an individual who is physically incapable of providing fingerprints. Your biometric info will be kept on a central government database in the United Kingdom and managed in line with the UK’s appropriate and strict data protection rules.

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