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United Kingdom

The UK Child Visa is a kind of visa that permits nationals or residents of the United Kingdom with no immigration limitations to bring their non-EU child in the UK. Hence, the primary standard for a child to be qualified for this sort of visa is to have one of their parents already living in the UK. The necessities for this kind of visa rest on generally on whether you were born inside the UK or outside.

How to Apply

You will require to apply online if you are applying from outside of the UK. You will also have to finish the VAF4A Appendix 1 appeal form. While, if you are in the UK, you have two options. You can apply via an online facility, or by post. You can also appeal at a premium service point. In demand to do so, you will have to complete the form and schedule an appointment, or make an online appeal and book an appointment. If you appeal inside the UK, upon your appeal you will get a letter requesting you to submit your biometric info, which signifies your fingerprints and a photograph.

Visa Necessities

The necessities are:

For the children born in the UK: If the child was born in the UK, then you will be approved by the Home Office, with the same authorization to live as your parent. You have to use the form FLR (M) if your parent has a limited approval to remain in the UK:

  • As a companion, settling in 2 years
  • As a companion, settling in 5 years

While you will have to use the form FLR(FP) if your parent has a limited approval to stay in the UK:

  • As a companion, settling in 10 years
  • As a parent, settling in 5 years
  • As a parent, settling in 10 years
  • On the base of their private life (10-year route)

For the children born outside of the UK: If the child was born outside the UK, then your age will decide whether you can appeal or not. If you are under 18 years old, then you should:

  • Not be wedded or in a civil partnership
  • Not be living a self-determining life
  • Be monetarily supported without appealing the public funds
  • One of your parents should also be applying for a visa as a companion joining the other parent or as a parent that has the only accountability of you

If you are over 18 years old, then your parent can contain you in their appeal as a dependent. You can also apply distinctly, but in both cases, you are qualified to apply only if:

  • You received approval to enter and reside in the UK for a fixed period on a family visa when you were under 18 years old
  • You do not live a self-determining life

Financial Necessities

This obligation has to be satisfied by the parent who is residing in the UK. The UK visa rule has predicted that for a person to bring a non-EU national in the UK, they have to verify they have sufficient financial funds to sponsor both. Your parent should ascertain that he or she has an income of a minimum of £18,600 per year. The good side of this obligation is that each allowed source of income can be calculated in demand for the parent to come across the income necessity, as:

  • Salary, if the parent makes it in the UK
  • Cash reserves above £16,000
  • Annuity money
  • Non-work income, i.e. property rents or dividends
  • In demand to verify your income, you can have to submit proof, as:
    • Bank declarations of the parent living in the UK
    • Pay slips for the last six months

A letter from a company which contains the job designation, the period the parent has worked there, the present salary and also pays lips

Language Obligation

One of the very significant UK Family visa necessities is that of English language skill. Whether the language necessity applies to you or not, it all rests on your age, as children among other groups are exempted from the fulfilment of this obligation. Exempted from English skill necessity are also the citizens of the nations listed below, notwithstanding their age:

Antigua and Barbuda



St Lucia




St Vincent and the Grenadines

The Bahamas


New Zealand

Trinidad and Tobago



St Kitts and Nevis



Aside from children, the candidates that fit one of the groups listed below are also exempted from this necessity:

  • Candidates over 65
  • Candidates coming to be cared for by a relative
  • Claimants with a physical or medical disorder that stops them from meeting the requirement.

If you have to verify your language skill, you can do that by taking an official English language examination and passing it with at least a CEFR level A1 in speaking and listening.

Required Documents

In demand to be qualified to appeal for a UK child visa, you require to submit several documents that are generally needed for each kind of visa, aside from the supportive document. The core documents that you will have to provide are ensuing:

  • Legal passport with a minimum of one blank page in demand to be able to attach the visa
  • Previous passports (if applicable)
  • Two passport-sized color photographs
  • Evidence of English language necessity
  • Evidence of financial means
  • Evidence of relationship with your UK residing parent, as photographs of you two together, etc.

You will also have to provide supportive documents that will present the resulting information:

  • Your complete name
  • Your place and date of birth
  • Particulars of any earlier immigration requests (if applicable)
  • Particulars of any illegal convictions (if applicable)
  • Your state insurance number (if applicable)
  • Date of birth of your parents and citizenship if you are applying from outside the UK
  • Your tuberculosis checkup results if you are from a nation where you have to take the test
  • You will have to give a translation of any document that is not in English or Welsh

Visa Charge

Visa charges rest on the procedure you apply. If you use outside the UK to join your parent, you will have to compensate for a charge of £1,464. While if you apply in the UK online or by post, the charge will cost you £993, and £1,583 if you apply in the UK in person with the premium facility. Even if you are applying as a dependent extra to the appeal of your other parent, you will still have to compensate the charge of £1,464 if you apply outside the UK, £993 if you apply in the UK online or by post and £1,583 if you apply in the UK in person with the premium facility.

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