Family Visa for UK

United Kingdom

These visas are a group of UK entrance and residence permissions that are delivered to those who wish to start an enduring family life with their UK resident family associates. There are few ways over which you can obtain a UK family visa:

As a spouse or companion of a UK resident.

As a parent of a UK resident.

As a child of a UK resident.

As a sickened, disabled

Based on private life.

As a widowed companion of a former UK resident.

As a separated spouse or partner.


How to Meet the Requirements for a UK Family Visa

You cannot gain a UK family visa if your situations are as follows:

  • You are already in the UK with the UK work visa, or a UK temporary student permit.
  • You are living in the UK with a UK visitor visa with legitimacy period of 6 months or fewer. The regulation does not apply for UK visitor marriage visa

Categories of UK Family Visa

There is a variety of UK family visa groups you may get dependent which is your situations and your relationship with the sponsoring UK resident.

Spouse Visa: The UK Spouse Visa is delivered to those who wish to join their spouse in the UK or other companion who is either a British national, a settled person, a refugee or someone under the humanitarian guard. Your relationship with your companion should be either a wedding, a healthy relationship or civil partnership.

Parent Visa: The UK Parent Visa is delivered to parents of British residents or settled persons or persons that have spent at least seven consecutive years in the UK. To meet the requirements for this visa, the child should be younger than 18 years old.

Child Visa: The UK Child Visa is allotted to children of a established individual in the UK. You have to be the dependent child residing in the UK with your parent, who is making a combined application with you for a UK visa or an extension of stay in the UK.

Family visa for an adult who requires long-run care by a relative: The Permit for adults in necessity of care by a relative is delivered to take long-term care from a relative who is a British national, settled person, refugee or under humanitarian guard in the UK.

Family visa on the source of your private life: The Family visa on the source of your private life is provided to remain enduringly in the UK, after having lived there for quite some time, due to your uncomplimentary personal conditions for leaving the UK, or overlong residence in the UK.

Settle in the UK if Your Partner Deceases: Dependents of a dead partner visa is distributed to those who desire to live in the UK permanently, as a former spouse or legal companion in a long-lasting relationship, of a dead British national or a settled person in the UK.

Visa as a separated or divorced dependent spouse: Separated or divorced dependent spouse visa is delivered for the drive of staying enduringly if your relationship has broken down due to domestic violence from your spouse. It would be best if you had had your last visa was as a spouse or partner of the sponsor mentioned above and public funds until an appeal for settlement is managed.

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