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United Kingdom

UK parent visa is a kind of visa recognized for cases when a parent wishes to join their child who is a national or a resident of the UK with no immigration limitations. You can only apply for this sort of visa if your child is a dependent UK resident under 18 years old.

How to Apply

The UK Parent Visa appeal procedure is very similar to the other application methods. It rests on the way you apply. You will require to apply online if you are appealing from outside of the UK. You will also have to finish fulfilment of the appeal form VAF4A. However, if you are inside the UK, you have two options. You can apply via online, or by post. You can also apply at a premium facility center. In demand to do so, you will have to complete the form and schedule an appointment, or make an online appeal and book an appointment.

Visa Necessities

The child resident of the UK, and the parent that wishes to join him/her in the UK, both should accomplish some standards set by the Immigration Authorities in the UK. Further admissibility measures are as follows:

  • Your child should be under 18 years old on the date you apply, and not live an independent life
  • You should be a parent of a British child or have unlimited leave to remain
  • You require to have communal or sole parental accountability for your UK inhabitant child
  • If you share accountability, the other parent of the child should not be your companion
  • If you share liability, the other parent of the child should be a British national or settled in the UK
  • During your application, you will have to verify that:
    • You are taking a dynamic part in your child’s education and plan to continue doing so
    • You have an excellent skill in English
    • Can provide financial support yourself and your child in the UK

Parental Accountability Necessity

You will have to verify to the embassy officer that you are taking an active responsibility in your child’s education and you plan to endure doing so. You will have to confirm via documents as:

  • School endorsement that you take part in parent events and meetings
  • School ratification that you also take your child to school
  • Validation from the dentist that you take your child to appointments.

If your child has been residing for too long in the UK and you do not have any of the proofs mentioned above, then you can submit photos of you two whenever you met.

Financial Necessities

The failure to accomplish the financial necessity is the principal cause that several persons fail to get a UK parent visa. The core purpose in arrears this necessity is that the UK does not want to bring over individuals that are not proficient of financially maintaining themselves, so they are necessitating from them to be skilled to show evidence they can earn or own a minimum amount of money. If you are preparing to bring to the UK, other children who are not British citizens or European Economic Area (EEA) citizens with you, you will have to:

  • Make an additional £3,800 per year for your first child
  • Make an additional £2,400 per year for each child you have after your first child

Each lawful source of income can be counted in demand for you to come across the income necessity, as:

  • Salary, if you make it in the UK
  • Cash reserves above £16,000
  • Pension fund
  • Non-work income, i.e. property rents or dividends
  • In demand to verify your earnings, you will have to submit evidence:
    • Bank account statements
    • Pay slips for the last six months
    • A letter from a company which contains the job designation, the period you have worked there, the present income and also pays lips

Language Necessity

The English language necessity is a very significant obligation without the fulfilment of which you cannot get a UK parent visa. When you submit your visa appeal, you will have to submit some documents as proof of your English capability. You can verify your skill in English by:

  • Providing a document or academic degree that was taught or researched in English
  • Taking a permitted English language examination and passing it with a minimum of CEFR level A1 in speaking and listening

The citizens or residents of English-speaking nations are exempted from English skill necessity, as listed below:

Antigua and Barbuda



St Lucia




St Vincent and the Grenadines

The Bahamas


New Zealand

Trinidad and Tobago



St Kitts and Nevis



Excused from the English language necessity are also the persons that belong to one of the groups listed below:

  • Children
  • Visa applicants over 65
  • Visa claimants coming to be cared for by a relative
  • Visa candidates with a physical or medical disorder that stops them from meeting the necessity

Required Documents

You will have to provide the standard documents that are generally needed by applicants as follows:

  • Legal passport with at least one empty page
  • Former passports (if applicable)
  • Two passport-sized color photographs conferring to the ICAO standards
  • Proof of English language necessity (as explained above)
  • Evidence of financial reserves
  • Evidence of parental accountability as photographs of you two together

Besides the mentioned documents, you will also have to provide other supporting papers that will give the following information:

  • Applicant’s full name
  • Place and date of birth
  • Particulars of any earlier immigration claims (if applicable)
  • Particulars of any criminal convictions (if applicable)
  • Applicant’s state insurance number (if applicable)
  • Applicant’s parents’ date of birth and citizenship if you are applying from outside the UK
  • Tuberculosis checkup results 
  • Have to provide a translated document that is not in English or Welsh

Visa Charge

Visa charges rest on the method you are applying. If you appeal from outside the UK to join your child, you will have to pay a visa will cost £1,464. But if you are applying in the UK online or by post, the visa charge will charge to you £993, and £1,583 if you are applying in the UK in person with the premium facility. You will have to compensate an additional £1,464 for each dependent you are preparing to carry with you to the UK if you appeal from outside the UK, £993 if you appeal in the UK online or by post and £1,583 if you apply in the UK in person with the premium facility.

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