Short-Term Study Visa for UK

United Kingdom

This visa is the United Kingdom’s short-term permit to partake in a temporary study package, staying up to 6 or 11 months. It is restricted within study courses for learning the English language, and short-term study packages or research programs which are the portion of core overseas degree-awarding studies. All multinational students coming out of the EEA zone or Switzerland, are needed to appeal for a UK short-stay study visa.

Visa Prerequisites

To appeal for a UK short term study permit, you have to overcome general grounds for UK visa rejection. You cannot be less than 16 years old and should have a held in reserve seat in the planned course or research program. Additionally, you require to possess sufficient fund to pay your onward and backward travel, your housing, and living and study expenses without depending on the UK federal reserves. Particular prerequisites reliant the kind of temporary studies you will do in the UK, comprise:

  • To participate in a short-term English language course
  • To partake an exchange package in the UK as a portion of overseas degree studies
  • To research in the UK as a share of overseas degree studies. The research has to be part of an overseas degree-awarding course held in a foreign nation

Besides, working or self-employment while visiting the UK with a short-term study visa is not allowed.

Study with a Short-Stay Study Visa

Acknowledged education providers in the UK to take up impermanent studies at, with a short-stay study visa are:

  • Qualified organizations with a legal Tier 4 authorization
  • Education institutes in the following list:
    • Approval Body for Language Services
    • Authorization Service for Global Colleges
    • Endorsement UK
    • Bridge Schools Inspectorate
    • British Accreditation Council
    • Education and Training Inspectorate (in Northern Ireland)
    • Estyn (in Wales)
    • Higher Education Funding Council for England
    • HM Inspectorate of Education (in Scotland)
    • Independent Schools Inspectorate
    • Office for Standards in Education (Ofsted)
    • Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education
    • Schools Inspection Service
    • Recognized education provider

How to Apply

The appeal for this permit is completed online, from out of the UK. You will also have to book a meeting at the UK visa appeal center abroad, to submit your appeal proofs and your biometric data. You can appeal three months prior to the projected travel date, the earliest. The procedure is similar to all UK visas.

Required Documents

Documents must be genuine, except they are interpreted versions into English or Welsh, from an overseas language. Exact documents to appeal for a UK visitor study visa are:

  • Evidence of a booked seat in the short-term study course
    • Official letter of acceptance on a study course
  • Evidence of your previous education
    • Educational certificates
    • Academic mark sheets
    • Academic testimonial
  • Evidence of your English language proficiency
    • Certified English language credential
    • Certificates for having studied English
  • Particulars about your housing
  • Particulars about your travel plan
  • permission letter from parents or legal guardian
  • Agreed career’s letter of consent.
  • Letter from school validating that the UK local authority is informed about your visit
  • Letter of notification from the UK local authority for getting information from the school

Visa Charges

You will have to compensate £97 or £186, to appeal for a UK short term study visa with 6 to 11-month legitimacy period.

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