UK Transit Visa

United Kingdom

A UK Transit visa permits its owners to transit via the UK to arrive in destination nation. This permit is only for non-EEA and non-Swiss citizens.

Who Requires a UK Transit Visa?

You will require a UK transit visa if:

  • You will be shifting flights in the UK on your way to another nation.
  • You will go via UK border, for instance, to check in your baggage for a connecting flight.
  • You will be departing the UK within 48 hours.

You will be exempted from the obligation of receiving a UK Transit Visa only if you have a:

  • EEA family visa
  • Home Office travel document, for instance, you are an expatriate or nationless individual
  • UK Standard Visitor permit
  • UK Wedding Visitor permit

UK Transit Visa Categories

There are two UK Transit Visa categories, which describe the guidelines, standards and necessities for such a visa, which are as follows:

  • UK Direct Airside Transit Visa: You will require to appeal for a UK Direct Airside Transit Visa if you alter flights in the UK on your way to your destination nation, but you will not go via border control. Remember that if your destination nation is Ireland, the Channel Island or the Isle of Man, you will require to appeal for another sort of visitor visa.
  • UK Visitor in Transit Visa: You will require to appeal for a UK Visitor in Transit Visa if when transiting the UK, you require to go via UK border control, to check in your baggage for a connecting flight, or alike.

How to Apply

You require to finish some processes, which we have listed below stage by stage:

  • Find out which sort of UK transit Visa you require to appeal. Note that it all rests on whether you will be going via the border control or not
  • Find out where you require to apply. It could be a UK embassy or a visa appeal centre in your nation
  • Collect all the mandatory documents
  • Finish the online appeal form. You can get the appeal form online at the official web portal of the UK government
  • Book a visa appointment
  • At your appointment, you will have to provide biometric info, fingerprints and photo

After that, you can hold for a result on your appeal.

Required Documents

A very significant segment of the appeal procedure for a UK Transit Visa is gathering the essential documents. The needed documents are as follows:

  • Legal Passport.
  • Proof that you are permitted to arrive in the nation you are travelling to. This could be any of the resulting:
    • Residence permit
    • Green card
    • Legal visa
  • Evidence on your onward trip. This could be a:
    • A flight reservation email
    • Printed itinerary
    • Validation from a travel agent

Visa Charges

The UK Transit visa charges are as follows:

  • For a UK Direct Airside Transit Visa (DATV): £35.
  • For a UK Visitor in Transit Visa: £64.

There may be minor variances in the visa fees, reliant on which nation you are in.

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