UK Work Visa for Turkish Citizens

United Kingdom

This Visa is an authorization to continue staying in the UK as an employee, for Turkish citizens at present working, who also come across several further necessities.

Who Can Apply?

To be qualified to appeal for a UK Turkish Worker Visa, you will require to come across several measures, which are as follows:

  • You should be a Turkish citizen
  • You must have lawfully worked in the UK for at least one year as one of the resulting:
    • The spouse of a British citizen.
    • The spouse of an established person without any limitations on working in the UK.
    • Owner of a UK work permit.
    • A student allowed to work for 20 hours for each week throughout the semester and full-time during the semester breaks.
  • You should have worked for a similar company for the period you are citing in your appeal.
  • You should not have breached any immigration regulations in the UK.

How to Apply

You must appeal for a UK Turkish Worker Visa from inside the UK. The application procedure contains the following stages:

  • Appeal online at the official web portal of the UK government. Finishing the online form is fee exempted.
  • Schedule an appointment with the UK Visa and Citizenship Application Services (UKVCAS) center.
  • Gather essential documents. 
  • Give your biometric data, photograph and fingerprints at the UKVCAS.
  • Have your documents scanned.

Please remember that while your appeal is being managed, you cannot leave the UK, Ireland, the Channel Island or the Isle of Man. If you do so, your application will be refused.

Required Documents

To finish the application procedure, you must also collect the mandatory documents. Start assembling them on time, so you have them prepared on the date of your visa appointment. The key required documents to appeal for a UK Turkish Worker Visa are as itemized below:

  • Your passport with validity.
  • Two passport-sized color photos.
  • Evidence for all your employment throughout your existing stay in the UK. This comprises the pays lips and bank account statements.
  • Proof of the job you aim to do in the UK.
  • Dependent on your situation, the Home Office may request you to submit further documents.

Bringing Family Associates to the UK with a Turkish Worker Visa

Please note that only your legal companion and children under the age of 21 years old qualify as dependents. To appeal, you should provide evidence on the family relations you have with your dependents:

  • Wedding certificate for your spouse
  • Birth credential for your children.
  • Evidence your dependents are living enduringly with you.

UK Turkish Worker Visa Charge

You do not require to pay any charge when applying for a UK Worker Visa.

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