Visa for Dependents of UK Tier Visa Owners

United Kingdom

A UK dependent permit is a UK entrance and residence authorization approved to certain overseas relatives of the people applying for, or by now owning a UK Visa of the Point Based System (PBS).

Who Meets the Requirements?

People known in the UK’s Point Based System (PBS) as Dependent Family Associates of a PBS Migrant are:

  • Husband or wife
  • Unmarried companion of a long-lasting relationship
  • Similar sex companion
  • Children lower than the age of 18 years old when making the initial visa appeal


You can appeal for a PBS Dependent Visa in the following conditions:

  • As a family associate of an individual applying for with you, or by now holding a temporary Tier 1, 2, 4 or 5 visas
  • As a spouse or civil companion (who does not themselves meet the requirements for ILR) of an individual bearing a UK Settlement Permit (ILR) or British nationality based on prior consecutive accommodation with  Tier 1, 2, 4 or 5 visas
  • As a child (whose other parent does not meet the requirements for ILR and whose most current PBS depending visa was gained on or after July 9, 2012) of an individual having an ILR or UK nationality on the grounds of Tier 1, 2, 4, or 5 visas

Who Requires a Dependent Visa?

If you are a family associate from another country despite the EEA nations or Switzerland of an individual applying for or by now holding a PBS visa, you should obtain a PBS dependent visa.

How to Apply

To appeal for a PBS Dependent Visa, these are the right conducts doing so:

  • From overseas: Over the online Visa4UK application facility
  • For extending the UK Dependent Visa: Visa the online PBS Dependent Partner or PBS Dependent Child

Prerequisites to Obtain a UK Dependent Visa

You will be considered as the appropriate applicant for a PBS Dependent Visa if you can deal with these essential prerequisites:

  • Both the PBS visa owner and the dependent spouse must be at least 18 years old
  • Care preparations for children. If you are considered as a disabled individual, you should have your travel, housing and reception organized and permitted by UK local authorities
  • You must not be wedded or in a civil companion if you are a child dependent
  • You or the PBS migrant should not participate in a bigamous wedding or a civil companion
  • The dependent and the UK visa owner should be legitimate partners, who have been living for a minimum of 2 consecutive years as partners in the same house

Dependent Visa Necessities

These are the essential documents to appeal for a UK visa as Dependent on a PBS Migrant:

  • Police clearance certificate to prove your criminal history is clean
  • Evidence of your relationship with the primary PBS Migrant
  • Evidence of being a spouse or civil partner of a PBS migrant:
    • Wedding or civil companion documentations
    • Common bank statements
    • Joint council tax bills presenting same residential address of yours and your companion
    • NHC registering documents
    • Common utility bills
  • Evidence of being a child of PBS migrant:
    • Your birth documentations
    • Supplementary proof if you are below 16 years old
    • Common bank declarations
  • Evidence of sufficient maintenance funds
  • Recommendation Letter of a Department for International Trade
  • Tier 2 or 5 Credential of Sponsorship

Permitted to Do in the UK with a Dependent Visa

The list of doings you are allowed to do in the UK as a dependent of a PBS Migrant are as follow:

  • Employment
  • Enroll in study
  • Extend your visa
  • Shift from one into additional PBS Dependent Visa
  • Depart and re-enter the UK throughout the visa legitimacy period
  • Appeal for Settlement Permit (excluding for the Tier 4 General Student group)

Not Permitted to Do in the UK with a Dependent Visa

There are various doings you are not permitted to do in the UK when you are a Dependent of a PBS visa:

  • Enjoy federal funds or aids
  • Work as a specialized athlete or as a medic or dentist
  • Working as a dependent of a Tier 4 General Student
  • Enroll in an educational program without an ATAS if you are aged 18 years old or turning 18 years old inside the visa period

Visa Cost

There are diverse charges to appeal for a UK Dependent Visa, dependent on of the place from where you are applying and the sort of dependent PBS visa you are making, counting the facilities you are using to apply.

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