Singapore Visa Information

Singapore Visa Information

A Singapore visa permits the visa owner to arrive at a Singaporean point of entrance. If you encounter the entrance necessities, you will get a Pass, which lets you enter Singapore and stay for the period that the Pass is provided. Read more details in this article.

Singapore Work Holiday Pass

Overseas students from particular nations can come and work in Singapore for up to six or twelve months with a Work Holiday Pass. Singapore provides two kinds of Work Holiday Passes. Read details about work holiday pass in this article.

Singapore Long-Term Visit Pass

If an overseas citizen wishes to remain in Singapore for lengthier than 30 days, they must have to obtain a Long-Term Visit Pass. There are two kinds of LTVPs provided by two various Singaporean authorities. Read details in this article.

Singapore Permanent Residence

Getting Singapore permanent residence is highly desired. Singapore is graded as the best nation among other countries in the world about its excellence of life, offering a controlled political environment, cultural variety, high levels of the medical facility, and educational system. Read details here.

Transit Visa for Singapore

The instructions on a Singapore Transit Visa vary depending on your citizenship. Most nations do not require a Singapore Visa at all, and so, they also do not require a Singapore Transit Visa. Check who requires a transit visa and the application process here.

Singapore Training Employment Pass

An overseas citizen who wishes to work as an intern or apprentice, will require a Singapore internship visa. It is generally called a Training Employment Pass. The Ministry of Manpower is responsible for issuing the Training Employment Pass.

Singapore S Pass

Mid-skilled workforces in a company, such as operators, accountants, or reporters require the S Pass for Singapore. Singapore's Ministry of Manpower (MOM) is the responsibility of providing and managing all work pass claims.

Singapore Exit Permit

The Singapore Exit Permit is needed in demand to ensure that the Singaporean male will finally return to Singapore to complete his military service. Leaving Singapore short of getting an Exit Permit is measured as a crime.

Work Permit for Overseas Employees in Singapore

Singapore provides diverse kinds of work passes and permits for overseas employees, reliant on the worker’s ability and experiences. Only citizens from specific nations can appeal to this kind of Singapore Work Permit. The qualified nations vary dependent on the particular area.

Work Permit for Performing Artiste in Singapore

If you are a performing artist who desires to work in a Singaporean public entertaining outlet, you will require a Singapore Work Permit for performing artiste. There are admissibility standards that both you and your possible employer have to come across before appealing for a work permit.

Singapore Student Pass

Overseas citizen who wishes to chase their studies in a Singapore university, you will require a Singapore student visa. The student visa in Singapore is known as a Student Pass. Read details in this article.

Singapore Training Work Permit

Singapore permits overseas employees and students to commence practical training in a Singapore company via the Training Work Permit. The Training Work Permit is provided to semi-expert or untrained overseas workforces or students.

Work Permit for Overseas Domestic Workers in Singapore

Overseas citizens can come to Singapore to work under the Singapore Work Permit for Overseas Domestic Workers (FDW). Overseas domestic workers work in the home of a Singapore employer doing household and domestic tasks.

Singapore Visa Fees

The appeal procedure for a Singapore visa is done online, and subject to visa processing costs. All Singapore visa costs are non-refundable. Read more details about Singapore visa fees in this article.

Employment Pass (EP) for Singapore

If you are an overseas citizen who has obtained an executive, managerial, or specialized job in Singapore, you are qualified to appeal for the Singapore Employment Pass. Citizens from any nation can request for the EP Singapore.

Singapore Dependent's Pass

The Singapore government has made it conceivable for expert overseas employees to bring their family members to reside in Singapore with them over the Dependent Pass. Read details about the qualification and application process in this article.

Personalized Employment Pass for Singapore

Among all of Singapore's work permits and passes, the one which provides the most flexibility is the Personalized Employment Pass. But the Personalized Employment Pass also has the hardest admissibility necessities.

Short-term Visit Pass for Singapore

Most people do not require a visa to visit Singapore. The nations which are subject to Singapore visas are separated into Assessment Level I and Assessment Level II Nations, and they can appeal over Singapore’s online e-Service.

Confinement Nanny Work Permit for Singapore

If you are a Malaysian babysitter, you might be qualified to work as a confinement nanny in Singapore. It is accessible to Malaysians who wish to come to Singapore to take care of a newborn baby for the first 16 weeks.

Singapore Visa Photo Necessities

If an overseas citizen appeals for a Singapore visa, or any Pass, they will need to submit a recent photograph meeting the Singapore visa photo requirements. Visa request may be rejected if the visa photo does not encounter the set Singapore visa photograph necessities. This article will describe details about Singapore visa photo requirements.

Who Requires a Visa for Singapore

Singapore receives lots of visitors each year because it is teeming in tourist attractions. Most of the countries in the world can visit Singapore visa-free. Also the Singapore visa appeal process has been simplified through the e-visa. Read details in this article.

Singapore Citizenship

Getting Singapore citizenship comes with a lot of advantages. But obtaining a Singapore nationality cannot be achieved suddenly. The procedure takes months. Read details in this article.

Miscellaneous Work Pass for Singapore

If you have to visit Singapore since you have to take part in a short-term work assignment (up to 60 days), you will require to get a Miscellaneous Work Pass. Read details about miscellaneous work pass requirements, necessities and application process in this article.

EntrePass for Singapore

Overseas citizens who wish to open a business in Singapore will require a Singapore business permit, which is identified as an EntrePass. Read details about EntrePass qualifications, necessities and application process in this article.

Categories of Work Passes and Permits for Singapore

A Singapore work permit is identified as a Pass. Reliant on the kind of work you will do and your expertise level, there are diverse categories of Singapore visas. Read more details about Singapore work passes and permits in this article.