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If you are preparing a tour to Singapore, you will require a visa.  A Singapore visa permits the visa owner to arrive at a Singaporean point of entrance. At the entrance point there should be a security check by the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) officials. The ICA choose whether the tourist comes across the necessities for entrance into the nation. You must apply for a Singapore visa at least 30 days prior to your journey to Singapore. But remember that you have a Singapore visa, it does not signify that you will be permitted to enter as the Singapore visa is just pre-entrance authorization. If you encounter the entrance necessities, you will get a Pass, which lets you enter Singapore and stay for the period that the Pass is provided.

Who Requires to Appeal for a Visa?

Most of the world’s nations can quickly enter Singapore without a visa. But, for those who require a permit, the application procedure has been simplified. You can appeal online at any time after Singapore announced the e-Visa. The nations whose nationals require a Singapore visa have been divided into two categories

  • Assessment Level I Countries and
  • Assessment Level II Countries

The level in which your nation is in regulates the portion of the application procedure as well as the visa managing time.

How to Submit a Singapore Visa Appeal

Nations from either assessment level can appeal for a Singapore at one of the resulting:

  • Via Online, through a local Singaporean contact or a strategic partner using ICA’s e-Service
  • At a Singaporean ambassadorial mission or consulate office

You cannot submit a Singapore visa appeal yourself. You require to find an approved visa agent, strategic partner, or local contact in Singapore to provide the Singapore visa appeal on your behalf. Approved visa agents and strategic partners are travel agencies, and they can submit an application for you via the SAVE (Submission of Application for Visa Electronically) that is accessible on ICA’s (Immigration & Checkpoints Authority) website. A Singapore local contact is qualified to register on SingPass and submit an application on your behalf.

Required Documents

The required documents for a Singapore Visa application are:

  • Finalized Singapore Visa appeal form
  • Your valid passport or another travel document
  • Photocopy of your passport’s bio-data page in an A4 paper
  • Copy of reserved airline itinerary or travel ticket in an A4 paper
  • Recent passport size photo
  • Letter of Introduction
  • A credit card which should be a VISA or MasterCard
  • Yellow Fever Vaccination (If related)


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Equatorial Guinea



When you obtain your Singapore Visa

When you get your Singapore visa, you or your partner can print the e-Visa. If you are from the Assessment Level I Nation, it will generally take about one day for your Singapore visa to be administered. If you are from the Assessment Level II Nation, your permission will be managed within three days. In both situations, some appeals may take lengthier to process than usual. After getting your visa, you can travel to Singapore, where the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) officials decide at the entrance points whether you are permitted to enter in Singapore or not.

Singapore Tourist Visa

If you wish to visit to Singapore for tourism determinations, you require to appeal for a Singapore tourist visa. When you reach the Singapore entrance point, if the officials find you appropriate for entrance, they will give you an Entrance Permit. The Singapore entrance permit for a Singapore tourist visa is named a Visit Pass, and it is legal for 14-30 days. If you desire to stay for an extended period than the allowed time, you will have to appeal for a Singapore tourist visa extension prior to your current visa ends.

Categories of Visas and Passes for Singapore

Singapore visas only permit the owner to travel to Singapore, not enter. There are only two kinds of Singapore visas, Multiple and Single Entrance Visa, but there are diverse sorts of Passes, and they are:

  • Short Term Visit Pass: It permits the holder to arrive at Singapore with the aim of a short social visit, for tourism, or medicinal details
  • Work Passes and Permits: This is called a Singapore work visa. The owner of a work permit or employment pass can lawfully get employed in Singapore
  • Dependent’s Pass: This is existing to the family associates of Employment Pass
  • Long-Stay Visit Pass: This is offered to the family associates of EP owners who do not meet the requirements for the Dependent Pass
  • Student Pass: This is the Singapore student permit, obtainable to overseas students who wish to pursue higher education in Singapore
  • Visa-Free Transit Facility: It is a Singapore transit visa obtainable only to citizens from specific nations. It permits them to leave the transit zone of the airport and remain in Singapore for maximum 96 hours while they wait for a linking flight

Difference between Multiple and Single Entrance Visa

  • The Single Entrance Visa can only be used once. After you depart from Singapore, you cannot come to Singapore with the same visa again
  • The Multiple Entrance Visa can be used several times for as long as it has validity


If your passport is an MRP (machine-readable passport) which follows the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) rules, you might be qualified for the
Singapore enhanced-Immigration Automated Clearance System (eIACS). To be qualified for eIACS, you should have an ICAO passport and accomplish one of the following circumstances:

  • Be a Singapore national, enduring resident or Long-Term Pass card owner. You should be over six years old and have your fingerprints listed with the ICA
  • Own a Singaporean S Pass, Employment Pass, Dependent’s Pass or Work Permit and have your fingerprints listed with MOM (the Ministry of Manpower, Singapore).
  • You are listed in ICA’s Frequent traveler Programme (FTP)
  • You are departing from Singapore and had listed your fingerprints on arrival

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